Shipping Supplies

Shipping Supplies

At Great Little Box we work hard to be your one source for all your packaging needs. That is why we carry a wide selection of quality shipping supplies to fit your every need.

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Shipping Supplies Includes:

  • Bubble Rolls
  • Foam Rolls
  • Biodegradable Peanuts
  • Edgeboard Protectors/Corner Board
  • Kraft Paper Rolls
  • Labels
  • Packing Paper (Newsprint)
  • Packing Slip Envelopes
  • Pallet Liners
  • Poly Strapping
  • Poly Bags
  • Shipping Mailers
  • Shrink Film
  • Stock Boxes
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Tape & Dispensers
  • Tissue Paper
  • Singleface Corrugated Rolls

Bubble Rolls

Did you know bubble has its very own international appreciation day? Since its invention in the 1950’s bubble has been a staple of the packaging and shipping industry.

Great Little Box carries an assortment of sizes and duty levels to fit your needs.

To learn more about bubble rolls call us today or check out

Packing Peanuts

Did you know our corn starch peanuts are Certified Compostable and made right here at GLBC? While our peanut and star shaped compostable peanuts are our favourite we also sell a full range of packaging protection for all your shipping needs. Check out our video on the life of a peanut.


Tape & Tape Dispensers

GLBC carries a wide selection of packaging tape, carton sealing tape and dispensers. We can also provide custom printed tape to further brand your packages.

Make sure you are using the right type of tape with this handy guide:

Contact us to find out how we can service your business. Don’t forget we serve Western Canada and Washington State too!