Folding Cartons (Offset Guidelines)

Guide to Creating Artwork 


The largest sheet size is 29.13” x 41.33”, with a maximum image area of 28.7” x 40.55”.

Die-line Guides

Please follow the guides shown within the supplied Great Little Box Company die-line file. This includes: grain direction, panel placements for graphics, bleed and trim areas, non-printing areas, and glue panels.
Please build your file at 100%. Do not scale down.


The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator (AI) files, with all fonts either supplied or converted to outlines. All graphic links should also be either supplied or embedded.
PDF’s are also accepted but these must be fully editable with layers, fonts and links supplied as above.
For any other formats please call for assistance.

Colour Specification

Please specify Pantone PMS colours in your art. Do NOT use RGB colour builds.
Please avoid combining screens with transparency (i.e. a 60% cyan screen, set to 50% opacity).
Do NOT used the ink swatch colours that are used in the die-line. These are non-printing.
Delete all unused colours.


All trapping should be left to the GLB Prepress team. If you have a specific item trapped for an effect, please indicate on a hard copy proof or note in the file.


Minimum bleed of 1/8” (0.125”) is required (this is shown on the Great Little Box Company die-line file).

Die-cut Registration

Our diecut registration tolerance is between +/- 1/16” and 1/8”.
A minimum of 1/8” is recommended between a printed image and any score, hand holes, and/or window cut outs. Any print or image should be at least 1/8” away from edge of dieline unless print is bleeding over.

File Submission

Attachments of 20MB or less may be emailed. Larger files should be submitted via our FTP (upload details at top of website), or by a file transfer service (Dropbox, Mediafire etc).
Please supply a PDF proof along with the AI file for reference.