Labels (Flexo Guidelines)


The preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator EPS with all fonts converted to outlines. Along with the final EPS please supply all graphics, fonts and the native file in a separate folder. For other file formats please call for assistance.

Disk Format

CD/DVD disk submissions, email attachments no larger than 10MB are fine. When emailing a final EPS please include a pdf for viewing as well.

Scan/Placed Images

Please include placed graphics and photographs on your disk, separate from the final label eps file. Scan resolution should be a minimum of 300dpi at final scale. Do not scale or rotate images in the page layout application.


5pt is minimum for relief type. 8pt minimum for reverse type. Avoid process builds on type smaller than 12 pt.


Create art at exact size. Maintain 1/16” margin from dieline for all art, unless it is an intentional bleed. If bleed is intended, add 1/8” bleed outside the cut line.

Color Specification

Specify required PMS numbers. Do NOT use RGB color builds. Delete all unused colors.

Color Separations

Before sending your disk to us for output, please ensure that you print out ALL separations to your laser and check that each separation shows the intended art. Please submit a printout of all separations, and the composite image.


Screens may range from 95% to a minimum of 4%. Any values that run below 4% may not reproduce correctly and will deteriorate the quality of your print job.


Black should be set to overprint all colors. All trapping should be left to the GLB prepress. If you have a specific item trapped for an effect, please indicate on a hard copy or noted in the file.


Minimum positive (relief) rule is 0.5pt. Negative (reverse) rule minimum is 1pt.

Guide To Sending Artwork

If file is over 20MB, send to our FTP site, details will be sent to you if required. Compress all files over 50MB or with fonts into: .zip, sitx, .sit or .rar format