Corrugated Boxes (Digital Guidelines)

Graphic Submission Checklist

The Print Process

CMYK Colour Mode

One of 150 worldwide, and the only wide-format, heavy media digital printer in Western Canada, the HP Digital Press at Great Little Box/Ideon Packaging produces digital printing for everything from bright POP displays to bold pallet wraps to your latest project.

Pre-Press Checklist

Illustrator Workflow

GLBC utilize an exclusively Adobe Workflow. Graphic files should be packaged illustrator files or press quality PDF’s with fonts outlined and images embedded.

CMYK Colour Mode

Illustrator files should be created in CMYK colour mode. Raster PSD files can be linked as either CMYK or RGB. However, all files sent to print will be converted to CMYK before rip.

Pantones & Spots

Some Pantones are out of our HP’s gamut resulting in tint and shade differences. Not all colours are achievable from the Pantone library. The HP will do its best to achieve the closet version of the Pantone.

Fonts & Sizing

We suggest keeping all font sizes above 9 points. Small, thin, & light fonts can have quality issues because of the printing method. We suggest either outlining all text or sending packaged ai files to include fonts.

Images & Links

Images should be between 150 & 300 DPI for the best results on our HP. Bright, bold, beautiful images look and perform the best on our HP. When sending artwork be sure to embed or send us packaged ai files with the links.


GLBC strives to maintain 100% accurate print-to-cut registration. However, to ensure perfect coverage, we require 5mm of minimum bleed past the dieline on all artwork files.

Submitting Artwork


Files under 10Mb can be emailed directly to your Packaging & Label Specialist.


Files over 10Mb should be zipped and transfered via Hightail:

Dropbox, Etc...

Alternatively, files over 10Mb can be zipped and transfered via Dropbox, WeTransfer or your favourite online file transferring service.

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GLBC is committed to providing you with the best service and highest quality printed products. If you have any questions or concerns about the above guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact your Packaging & Label Specialist.