Embellishments & Capabilities

Once you start looking into what creative embellishments you can incorporate into your labels, it gets really exciting. The world of designing and printing labels has gotten incredibly sophisticated and there are a lot of possibilities.

Foil Stamping

Want to include metallic touches on your label? We can create a die that transfers foil onto the areas you would like highlighted.

Embossing & Debossing

When you emboss a label, you push parts of it up higher, creating a textured, three-dimensional effect. When you deboss a label, you push parts of it down, creating a sunken effect.


There are a range of coatings to apply to your label for a variety of functional or aesthetic reasons. There are standard gloss and matte coatings that will protect the ink from scuffing and/or rubbing off. Spot gloss varnishes are applied to certain parts of the label will give it a multi-dimensional flair and highlight desired areas


Want to feature creative cut-outs in your labels? It’s doable and can give labels such a unique look.

Do you have a creative idea you want to run by an expert? Reach out and talk to one of our label specialists.