Artwork Guidelines

If you’re ready to submit the artwork for your labels, there are particular guidelines you should keep in mind. After all, they exist to ensure the best possible level of quality.

Here they are:

  • Ensure there is at least 1/16″ of space around the edges of your design
  • Minimum positive (relief) rule is 0.5 pt. or 0.007”. Negative (reverse) rule minimum is 1pt.
  • Maintain 1/16” margin from die line for all art, unless it is an intentional bleed. If bleed is intended, add 1/8” bleed outside the cut line.  5pt is minimum for relief type. 8pt minimum for reverse type. Avoid process builds on type smaller than 12 pt.
  • 12 pt. or smaller type must be set to overprint
  • Registration variation should be + or – 1/32″
  • If you have black, it should be overprinted

Still feel unclear? Contact us and speak to one of our label specialists.