Common Styles

When you consider the variety of products that folding cartons package, it should come as no surprise that there are many styles to choose from. This is a list of the most common ones.














A sleeve is just what it sounds like: a box without ends that simply wraps around the product and/or its container. 











Like the sleeve, a tube is a paperboard cylinder that wraps around the product but with ends. 











Folding carton trays can come with glued corners or be constructed in such a way that the corners lock together. 

Beverage Box










Beverages are frequently packaged in closed cartons for 6-, 12-, and 15-packs, but also in open carriers for 4- or 6-packs.  

Counter Display












Counter display folding cartons are meant to display products at the retail level. They are frequently Seal End boxes, which means their bottom and top flaps are folded over their open ends and glued once the products are placed inside. 

Straight Tuck End (STE)












A Straight Tuck End box has bottom and top panels tucking either back to front or vice versa. Often, these boxes also have windows in their front panels for displaying the product. 

Reverse Tuck End (RTE)










A Reverse Tuck End box is known for being easy to open and close. The end panels on the top and bottom swipe in reverse directions. The top panel ends up closing the bottom while the bottom panel ends up closing the top. 

Straight Tuck End with Side Hang Tab












Commonly found packaging cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, the Straight Tuck End with Side Hang Tab is built like the Straight Tuck End box, but with a hanging tab that makes the product easier to display. 

Lock Bottom (123 Bottom Boxes)











The 123 Bottom Boxes or Snap Lock Boxes takes longer to assemble but are more secure than the standard Tuck End box. That security comes from the three bottom panels that are built to lock together. 

Auto-Lock Bottom (Crash Bottom)










Designed to transport heavier items more securely, the Auto-Lock Bottom Box closes with a regular flap on top, and bottom flaps that lock together automatically—no special assembly needed! 

Tuck Top









Common in e-commerce, the Tuck Top Box has a flap on top that opens to reveal the product inside.

Five Panel Hanger Tab












The Five Panel Hanger Tab box’s main feature is the die-cut tab that allows it to be hung up. It can feature either auto-lock or tuck ends. This box is a good option for eye-catching retail displays. 

To learn more, contact your folding carton packaging specialist.