Folding Cartons Manufacturers


Our custom cartons and boxes are made from paperboard, which is printed, die-cut, and can be glued to complete the package. Great Little Box’s die cutting and multiple colour printing process enables virtually any shape imaginable, and with the graphics and visual appeal to ensure your product gets prime shelf space. Great Little Box has a skilled team of in-house designers that can help you create any type of folding carton you can dream up – and – if you can’t dream it up, we’ll do that for you too!

Great Little Box is dedicated to supporting local manufacturing. As a result, we offer our customers quick delivery options, including our just-in-time (JIT) warehouse programs.

Great Little Box Handy Tip: Three basic custom carton styles – the Tray Style, the Tube Style and the Sleeve – form the foundation for most box designs.

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Common Styles

Almost any type of specialized folding carton can be developed. Two basic carton styles—the Tray Style and the Tube Style—form the foundation for most designs. To view the various common styles, click on the links below.