Paper Types

Types of Paper

Kraft Liners

Kraft paper is manufactured from softwood trees. This consists of 70-80% “virgin” fibres which makes it both durable and easier to print on. Kraft paper is the most commonly used outside liner when choosing material to manufacture corrugated boxes and packaging. Kraft paper is the most sustainable option out of all the types of paper but also more costly. 

Each liner type is made up of two individual layers – a basic layer used for adhesion and strength and a finer “cover” layer used to help printing and improve aesthetics. Here at GLBC, we offer the following liners:

Brown Kraft: Uncoated natural kraft surface on all sides. May vary in natural brown colour depending on the fibers, pulping process, and location of paper mill. 

Mottled White Board: Similar to White Top Kraft Liners. Uncoated white, with natural kraft undertones. Also known as Oyster White.

Other options:

White Top Kraft: Durable and strong. Offers excellent printing features.

Bleached White Board: Kraft liner with a natural look but goes through an additional bleaching stage – uncoated bright white surface. Not as durable as unbleached liners.

Birch Faced Kraft: Produced using similar materials as White Top Kraft, but only the top ply is bleached. This decreases the liner’s overall impact on the environment.

Flute Paper

Flute paper that is the central layer in corrugated board (cardboard). This provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case and has a cushioning effect for the product.

  • SEMI CHEM: Virgin fibres using neutral sulphite semi-chemical process
  • WASTE BASED: 100% recycled fibres

Flute Grades

Corrugated Box Fluting implies to the arches between the linerboard that aids to strengthen material for stacking and durability. Similar to linerboard, the flutes are made of fiberboard and provide the corrugated sheets with strength, cushion, and compression resisting traits. Fluting comes in various types and each has a unique characteristic.  Learn more here.

Corrugated Box Fluting