In the beauty industry, branding must balance the need for outstanding design with the responsibility to provide essential information. Plus, the packaging that carries this branding must be robust enough to protect breakable product. This is a balance we carry off with confidence.


When it comes to creating labels, the differentiation that the highly competitive beauty market demands is always top of mind. We employ all of the considerable capabilities at our disposal—including digital, flexo, embossing, coatings, and foiling—to create durable and undeniable labels.

Folding Carton

Whatever your retail goals are, we can create captivating, on-brand cartons to package your premium beauty products. Trust us to balance the high-end aesthetic standards of beauty with a need for durable packaging that will stand up to a variety of fulfillment environments.


Our corrugated packaging solutions are ideal for beauty industry clients. Robust enough to stand up to any distribution channel, from traditional retail to e-commerce, they still maintain the standard of refined quality that beauty demands.

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