Expertise Across Industries

At GLBC we are passionate about understanding your industry.  We work with customers from almost every industry segment but here are a few of our highlights.

Craft Beer

Great craft beer by its very nature is differentiated by small batches, high quality, and exquisite attention to detail. It should maintain its uniqueness with labelling and packaging that stands out. We can offer you everything from seasonal labels to corrugate and folding carton carriers, trays and gift packs.

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In a market as competitive as wine, it’s critical to communicate your unique brand story throughout your packaging, both in-store and out. We utilize embossing, debossing, foiling, and full color to create a wine label that jumps off the shelves. We also specialize in creating shipping and E-commerce packaging solutions designed for your industry.

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In the fast growing cider market, your packaging needs may change every season. That’s why we offer stock and custom options to fit your needs as they evolve. Maintain a hand crafted artisan touch through labels, carriers, trays and seasonal gift packs designed to attract cider fans.


The rise in creative and innovative cocktails and spirits has fueled the popularity of premium, small batch and craft distilleries. You want to ensure that your bottle and packaging stands out on liquor stores shelves—and we can provide limitless options to attract attention. From small batch sequential numbering to creative gift packaging or e-commerce shippers, we can express the value and uniqueness of your premium product.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverages is an incomparably important industry, with relevance to all consumers. We strive to serve your specific requirements, including your need for an AIB Food Safe recognized packaging supplier. In your tremendously competitive industry, eye-catching and clever presentation can make a critical difference. We can deliver this, with creative labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, corrugate boxes, and point of purchase displays.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness industry is a diverse category that encompasses all activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Driven by eco-friendly and health conscious consumers packaging must balance sustainability and innovative yet eye catching designs. Our ability to offer multiple mediums and our in-house Innovation Solutions team allows us to offer you the perfect balance of sustainable, optimized, and beautifully branded packaging.

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Beauty products not only need to stand out on the shelf with sleek and attractive design but their labels and packaging must also withstand their fulfilment and usage environments. We can offer unique eye-catching embellishments on labels and boxes while ensuring the right fit for your product’s environment.

Nutraceutical and Sports Nutrition

In an industry where regulations can change quickly, being able to keep up, stay relevant, and differentiate yourself is a must. We can help you stand out with variable printed labels, folding cartons, shipping boxes, and bulk trays, as well as unique point of purchase displays.


From the small scale to the extra large, your products require a partner that can work with you seamlessly from creation to delivery to the end user. We can offer a fully designed packaging solution utilizing retail inner cartons, corrugate boxes and inserts, custom protective packaging, and a range of shipping supplies.


You sell what you’re passionate about and delivering it to the end-user requires a true “unboxing” experience. We can ensure your product’s packaging delivers a memorable, branded experience for your customer. Our one-source solutions ensure you have it all covered, from corrugate, to folding cartons, to labels and shipping supplies.

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