How to Create Wine Labels that Delight and Inspire!

Do you have a new wine that’s about to go to market and you’re wondering how it will stack up next to the rest? The perfect wine label can help consumers identify with a brand more readily, peak a consumer’s attention on the shelf, and help your brand stand out from the growing number of options available.  A key component of an eye-catching product is the wine label design and the Great Little Box – Label Division (GLBC) has your solution.

Here is a quick guide on ways to stand out on the shelf.

Design – Trends today include personalized wine labels, crowdsourced messaging, braille, modern art imagery, metallic textures, bold patterns, and digital interactivity.

Stocks – We have a vast range of material options. Gloss paper, textured and uncoated papers, clear films, and metallized options. There are also unique options available such as leather and wood face stocks.

Shapes – Besides the traditional rectangles and circles, you can design and diecut a label to achieve almost any shape you want to have on your product.

Foiling – Foil adds an elegant effect that is used to communicate quality. Gold, silver, red, purple, and holographic are just a few colour options that you can use to make your label standout. You can also have multiple coloured foils on a label.

Wine Label

Embossing – Embossing is a premium element that raises the true surface of a chosen area or pattern. This gives your product a standout element on the shelf.  It also provides a tactile element that encourages people to pick up the product and want to touch it.

Customer: Festina Lente

Coatings – When it comes to coatings, there are a lot of options. You can flood coat the entire label with a matte or gloss coating to provide the look you are trying to create. You can also apply both a matte and gloss coating to the same label. This can create a 3D type visual and highlight certain areas that are desired to stand out.

Customer: Black Widow

If you are looking to create labels for a new or existing product, whatever the shape, size or texture, GLBC can consult at any stage of the process. Whether it is to source materials to help bring your wine label design to life or to create and manufacture the final piece call the GLBC Label Division today for more information and assistance on your project.

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