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Wine in a Box 101

Wines sold in boxes are appearing more frequently in your local grocery and liquor stores but are they the right option for you? Today we will share some advantages of bag in a box wine packaging.

What is it?

Wine is sealed inside a pressurized bag with an airtight seal then placed in a corrugated box. A hole is made along with perforated lines on the box where a spout attached to the bag is pulled through for dispensing. The result? A fresh tasting glass of wine ready to be enjoyed.

wine in a box with colourful designs on a shelf

Here are some reasons to consider boxed wines:

Inexpensive: Reduces costs by maximizing your wines’ shelf life, lessening manufacturing costs, and improving shipping and storage.

Convenience: User-friendly and take up less space in storage and shipping than bottles.

Environmentally Friendly: Corrugated (cardboard) packaging is recyclable. Boxes have a smaller carbon footprint because they require less energy to produce and transport (Corrugated boxes & Bags vs. Bottles, Shrink Caps, Corks).

Brand Awareness: Maximize your brand by attracting customers with eye-catching graphics.

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