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Virtuous Pie: Spreading Plant-Based Virtues Without Diluting Their Brand

If you are considering making more vegan, sustainable, or plant-based food choices the feeling of giving up all the “good treats” might be a major obstacle. Good news: Virtuous Pie has your back. Their plant-based pizzas and ice creams are famously delicious. So much so that after only a few years, they’ve expanded from their original Chinatown storefront to three other locations.

However, with expansion can come concerns over maintaining brand consistency. Good news for Virtuous Pie: Great Little Box Company (GLBC) has been their packaging partner since day one. Together, Virtuous Pie and GLBC has figured out a way to maintain the brand and save time and money.

virtuous pie custom pizza box and ice cream container

The Situation

As mentioned, the growing popularity of Virtuous Pie has led to an expansion of their brand. They are now serving plant-based food fans at the University of British Columbia campus, as well as at locations in Portland, Oregon, and Toronto, Ontario.

As Virtuous Pie expanded, the prospect of dealing with multiple packing suppliers worried them. They knew they would be facing potential differences in the packaging. They also didn’t want to have to cut purchase orders for all of their stores multiple times a week.

The Solution

Fortunately, Virtuous Pie did not need to work with other packaging suppliers at all.  In 2016, when the business only had a Chinatown location, GLBC became their packaging partner, helping to create their stylish pizza box.

When Virtuous Pie first expanded, GLBC was able to help them manage their packaging concerns. They put Virtuous Pie on an inventory solution program that replenishes stock automatically so that it’s always on hand when a customer requires it. The inventory program also allows Virtuous Pie store managers to reach out to GLBC directly whenever needed.

virtuous pie's custom pizza box, ice cream container and cheese box

The Result

Thanks, in part, to a logical packaging partnership, many of Virtuous Pie’s expansion concerns are no more. GLBC has helped them to:

  • Save time: they do not have to cut purchase orders for all stores multiple times a week
  • Maintain brand consistency: all of their packaging looks and functions the same, no matter where it is found
  • Save money: scaling up their sales volume smoothly has led to overall savings
  • Expand their brand: they now choose GLBC for labels, folding cartons, and even printed paper bags for take out

The future of spreading plant-based deliciousness looks very bright indeed for Virtuous Pie. Don’t be surprised if you find a North American location near you opening up in the years to come!

three women enjoying pizza and holding virtuous pie's pizza box

GLBC employees’ love the Virtuous Pie mission to support a healthy planet while delivering the delicious experiences people want and need. If you’ve never tried their new line of vegan cheeses, do yourself a favour and have a taste. And if you do, you’ll take it out of a folding carton that GLBC had the pleasure of creating.

GLBC and Virtuous Pie: yet another partnership spreading positive change for the planet and success for businesses that care.




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