Trends in Wine: Label Finishes and Embellishments

Like all other segments in the alcoholic beverages industry, wine is riding waves of change. From the disruptions of the pandemic to the shifting sensibilities of a younger demographic, it is a dynamic time for trends in wine. New concerns like a growing demand for sustainability are popping up, and old values remain strong, like the willingness of older consumers to invest in premium.

How can winemakers respond to the current dynamics of the market with strong branding choices? Out of the many choices that go into creating an effective brand identity, the label is the one with the most obvious significance. It’s the element with the power to turn heads at the liquor store, inviting a moment of contemplation.

This is where awareness of trends comes into play. By leveraging what’s eye-catching, innovative, and potent in label trends, winemakers can ride these growing waves with ease.


These are the four trends in label finishes and embellishments for wine labels that are picking up speed.


Embossing is a process of pressing a design that literally stands out directly onto the label. As such, it lends dimensionality and intriguing tactile features to your label. In wine, embossing is often used to signify the premium status of a brand. In fact, we know that black labels with gold embossed features tends to drive higher sales these days.

Spot Varnish

Spot varnishing entails applying a high gloss finish to particular parts of a label design. Want to give punch and highlights to an element like your logo? Spot varnish is a relatively economical way to pull it off.


Whereas embossing just means pressing a shape into a label, foiling applies an extra element on top of the label. A common application is gold foil onto a minimalist label, adding literal touches of grandeur to the brand.

Spot-Clear Hot Foil

As we just explained, foiling entails adhering to an extra element on top of your label. With spot-clear hot foiling, that extra element is a transparent substance. This creates unique dimensions, reflections, and textures.

We hope this post has shown you that there’s a whole world of dynamism beyond the plain wine bottle label. This is the world of embellishments and finishes. Questions? Please reach out. We love to talk ideas!

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