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Tips to Take Your Workout Outdoors

With the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, Summer is a popular time to take your fitness routine outside.  I mean who wants to go to the gym for a workout on a gorgeous day. With a little creativity and imagination, you can replicate almost any gym exercise outside.

Why drive to a gym to use a step-mill when almost any outdoor staircase can provide the same challenge? If you have a bike, take it out on a designated bike path for an outdoor cycling workout. Many parks have trails for running or walking that are much more enjoyable than feeling like a hamster running on a wheel.

The Great Little Box team loves to sweat together!  In the summer months the team likes to shake things up by taking their bootcamp and yoga classes outdoors, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the added benefits of fresh air and vitamin D.

Here are five more perks of outdoor exercise, with a bonus workout to try.

  1. YOU WORK HARDER – When people exercise outside, they tend to spend more time doing it. One study found that older people who were active outdoors did at least 30 minutes more moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week than those who only did it inside.
  1. BEING IN NATURE LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE – Spending time outside is also good for the heart. A recent study estimated that nearly 10% of people with high blood pressure could get their levels under control if they spent at least 30 minutes in a park each week, partly because of the heart-related benefits of getting fresh air and lowering stress.
  1. IT CAN FEEL MORE FUN –  A review of research found that people who exercised outside reported feeling more revitalized, engaged and energized than those who did it indoors. The researchers also found that people who exercised outside felt less tension, anger, and depression.
  2. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH MAY IMPROVE – Nature has a way of making people feel calm and exercising outside can strengthen that effect.
  1. CONVENIENT AND AFFORDABLE – It’s less expensive than a gym membership and all you need is the right pair of shoes.


Start off with a brisk walk or light jog after you stretch, to warm up gradually.

Jack squats

Squat down while clapping your hands above your head. Bring your arms back to the side when you stand up. Repeat 20 times.

Walking lunges

Stand tall and lunge forward with your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Bring your left leg forward as you stand tall and repeat the motion on the opposite leg. Do 15 reps with each leg.

One-leg squats

Balance on your left leg with your right leg slightly behind you, then reach forward with your left hand to touch the ground. Stand and repeat for 15 reps, then switch legs and repeat.

Mountain climbers

Crouch down with your hands on the ground in front of you. Extend one leg back and quickly bring it back, knee to chest. Quickly switch legs, repeating the motion back and forth with 20 reps each side.

Side crunches

Stand tall with hands clasped behind your head and elbows pointing out to the side. Bring your knee up and your elbow down until they meet at waist level. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Do this as quickly as you can, alternating sides for a total of 20 reps.


Now power-walk briskly for 3 to 5 minutes; then, stretch your entire body as you cool down.

Happy Outdoor Sweating!





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