This Earth Day Let’s All Think About Greener Options for Packaging

April 22, 2019

Let’s face it there is only one  Earth and we all have a vested interest in minimizing our impact every day. At Great Little Box (GLBC) we know packaging is part of everyone’s lives and making different, smarter and less impactful choices are in everyone’s best interest.

We strive to provide our customer’s with greener options throughout our product lines. But we know figuring out what packaging can work best for your product and what is the greenest option is an incredibly complicated question.  So today we just want to share some environmentally and eco-friendly ideas for packaging and let you know we are here to discuss options when you are ready. We will also highlight some of our favourite greener options over the next few weeks so watch our social feeds.

  • Use recyclable and recycled materials. Pick materials like corrugated (cardboard) that can be diverted from waste streams and used to create new items.
  • Investigate innovate and unique materials. Ask your vendors if there are new and different options to protect and ship your products.
  • Reduce and minimize. Ensure you are using the correct amount of packing to brand and protect your product. Nobody wants to receive a product with layers of redundant packaging.
  • Rethink packaging. Challenge the status quo, be innovative, and look for opportunities to do things differently.
  • Communicate about the end of life reuse, recycling, and compostability with the end customer. Many types of packaging can be recycled with a little bit of intervention into the right process.

We have greener options in almost every label and packaging category. So give us a call and let’s talk about what can work for your business.