The Name Behind the Great Little Box: Robert Meggy

September 12, 2018

At GLBC we are extremely proud of the company we have developed into and we accredit much of our success internally and externally to our CEO and founder, Robert Meggy. Robert has maintained the unique and welcoming culture at GLBC over the past 36 years. By creating genuine one-to-one relationships with his employees while being an active leader, Robert has grown GLBC from two employees to over 280. A good leader sets an example for their company, but a great leader leads by example. Robert encompasses his philosophy on corporate culture on the following five terms:

1. Welcoming – In providing a welcoming environment, Robert has created an easy-going approachable rapport with employees. Robert goes down to the production floor regularly to see how employees and their families are doing.

2. Open – By operating in an open workplace, GLBC employees feel comfortable to share ideas and opinions without judgement.

3. Fun – Through social events, internal competitions, and external activities Robert has rooted GLBC in an endless circuit of fun.

4. Family – Robert has inadvertently created a family of over 280 people by instilling his passion for packaging, print, and design in each GLBC employee.

5. Excellence – The excellent work ethic of each and every one at GLBC stems from the devotion and love Robert has for this great little company.

In Robert we find an “open book” policy, both for himself and GLBC. He’s an advocate of honesty as he believes the best way to operate a successful business is by disclosing information to all employees. The open book policy encourages motivation across all departments as it quantifies the results of our collective hard work.

GLBC’s Long Term Employees (From Left to Right): David Floro, Thean Cheav, Benedicto Reyes, and Robert Meggy

Yet, with hard work and determination comes the most important thing—bringing employees together. At GLBC, we do just that through countless diverse events and activities throughout the year. Robert is adamant about cultivating the “family” mentality within GLBC. He continues to enrich GLBC through events like our Holiday Children’s Party, where he personally purchases the gifts for all of the children.With acts and values like Robert’s, GLBC has been named one of B.C.’s top employers by Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers in 2018. Robert continually drives the GLBC team to think creatively and lead with passion. GLBC simply would not be without Robert Meggy. We are grateful to learn from and grow with his supportive leadership. Thanks to Robert, GLBC has inspired numerous colleagues to adopt a similar interest and passion in their practice.