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The Great Little Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the Great Little Easter Egg hunt!

We’ve hidden 8 Easter Eggs throughout the GLBC website, your job is to hop around the website to find the eggs, for your chance to win some sweet (literally, sweet!) prizes. If you’re joining us between Monday April 14th – Monday April 21st, you’re in luck because there is still time to get involved.

Here’s how to play:

–        Follow Great Little Box on Facebook and Twitter*

–        Visit Facebook/Twitter every day between Monday April 14th – Monday April 21st, for your clue to uncover the Egg of the Day.

–        Once you’ve solved the clue and found the correct Egg of the Day, tweet us the link or post to our wall using #GLBCegghunt, and don’t forget to mention us.

  • Example tweet: “I found the Egg of the Day with #GLBCegghunt [link of page you found the Egg of the Day] @GreatLittleBox

What will you win?!

We have the following gift certificates for 3 randomly selected winners to redeem their gift certificate with one of our delicious chocolate customers:

  • $25 gift certificate
  • $50 gift certificate
  • $100 gift certificate

The contest will run from Monday, April 14th until 11:59PM on Monday, April 21st. The contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Happy Easter & Happy Hunting from the GLBC team! Ready…..Set….HOP!

Daily Egg of the Day clues:

Monday’s Egg of the Day – Clue#1: You’ll find the Egg of the Day on a page that’s a little “sticky”

Tuesday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #2: The egg is in a place where it surely will not break

Wednesday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #3:  The egg is “ready” for you to find it – it’s neatly displayed and ready for sale! 

Thursday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #4: The Egg of the Day is taking a walk down memory lane on this page…

Friday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #5: Todays egg can be found on a page where it’s getting sticky, flexible, personalized or digitally printed.

Saturday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #6: You’ll have to do some digging to find your favourite style of corrugated, and uncover todays egg in the process!

Sunday’s Egg of the Day – Clue #7: You can find the egg singing our praises along with our customer’s kind words.

Monday’s Egg of the Day – Clue#8: Today’s egg is amongst the packaging product that is sometimes referred to as cardboard – it is easily cut or folded to create a strong packaging solution.

*mandatory to be entered into the draw

THE GREAT LITTLE EASTER EGG HUNT  WINNERS ARE….. Areta Wong, Jennifer Ripel and Ana Douglas! Thanks to all who participated and congrats to our winners!

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