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From Spirited Start-Ups to Serious Distribution: A Packaging Journey, Part Five

This is Part Five of a series telling the (fictional but familiar-to-us) story of Alana Marshall and Jacob Franchi, co-founders of a small spirited cocktail mix company. To catch up on the blog series, scroll down for all of the links.

We wanted to tell Alana and Jacob’s story for one good reason: to support budding entrepreneurs in their “imagination work”. Because we’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, we’re very familiar with the different stages of becoming a successful business owner. And before they sell a single product, most entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time imagining what their life running a company would be like. It’s an important part of the process.

So, as labels and packaging people, we know exactly what the packaging part of that entrepreneurial journey looks like. That’s why we wrote this series. If you’re someone who’s trying to gather the courage, the inspiration, and the information to become an entrepreneur, we want to help! Read this story, and you’ll quickly get up to speed on a lot of the problems that were solved and the solutions created alongside a team like ours.


Spirited cocktail mixer packaging with window
Spirited Start-Ups to Distribution – Your Brand Multipack

In the series so far, we’ve covered the story of long-time friends Alana and Jacob conceptualizing and creating a business that is now picking up a lot of speed. Their low-sugar, high-quality pre-mix cocktail is a hit. They designed labels and an e-commerce box. They purchased cartons, sleeves, and shippers for getting their product out to customers. They created a counter-top display and a point-of-purchase display for their retail clients.

With their retail presence established (and thriving), they’re noticing certain trends. Most importantly, they realize that their customers often buy more than one flavour at a time.

So, why not create a multi-pack with the GLBC team? They’ve learned from past projects that including a tear-away piece or a window that showcases the product works really well, so they include a window on the multipack. And what do you know? Soon, the multipack becomes their best-selling “stock-keeping unit”.

Trays & Pallet Wrap

Spirited Start-Ups to Distribution – Stackable Trays

From the start, Alana and Jacob had a very specific dream for their business. When they started out, Alana would say, “Imagine pushing a cart past a stack of these bottles at Costco.” Jacob would usually just laugh; it was hard to imagine succeeding at that level.

But one day, they stopped needing to imagine it. On a whim, Jacob sent a pitch to the retail mega-chain. The shock he felt when he got a positive response was like nothing he’d ever experienced before.

It was time to get cracking. This was a major leap of faith in their own abilities to rise to the entrepreneurial occasion. Could they actually meet the demands of one of the world’s biggest wholesale retailers? They needed fast thinking and an even faster turnaround time from their packaging partner, Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC).

The big question was how they could utilize all of their current packaging to supply Costco. The answer? Create a packaging solution that would showcase their products in their various packages at scale. In other words, create a bigger package for the smaller packages.

Spirited Start-Ups to Distribution – Your Brand Stackable Trays and Pallet Wrap

GLBC, Alana, and Jacob put their heads together and come up with a standard-sized pallet with stackable trays that would act as a shipping and a showcasing solution while meeting a big box store’s strict specifications. At Costco, the display area is just the floor. So, their pallet would ship right to the warehouse and convert easily into a stackable display on the floor. They make sure it can hold individual bottles with an insert as well as cartons and multipacks. Finally, they create a branded pallet wrap for extra flair and function.

Reach out to us if you want to talk about your start-up idea, or any aspect of packaging for your business (real or still a dream). We love talking to entrepreneurs!



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