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Case Study: Fulfillment Project for Skull Candy

Great Little Box has the pleasure of working with many local, global and international brands. As a full-service, one source supplier for a business’ packaging solutions, Great Little Box offers a wide range of services to fit each customer’s needs.

Recently, Great Little Box had the pleasure of working with Skull Candy on a fulfillment project.  We’ve shared the GLBC process on creating the right kind of display for this particular brand.


Skull Candy came to Great Little Box with particular criteria in mind:

–        They wanted to work collaboratively with a local company

–        Skull Candy wanted that company to be able to fulfill all of their requirements from a design, production, product fulfillment and a shipping standpoint.

That’s where Great Little Box comes in! Skull Candy needed Great Little Box to design and manufacture a fulfillment display for their new ear bud line that would be placed in London Drugs stores. After providing GLBC with the allotted space, an outline of what they had in mind, and a planogram of the number of units the were looking to fill per display – GLBC was able to get to work on the creative design and manufacturing.


Skull Candy left most of the creative control up to the GLBC team when it came to designing the display. With the guidance of our experienced packaging designer, Kong Chhem, the GLBC team came up with a Twin Display for the Skull Candy product, an eye-catching display that allows for their product to be the centre of attention.


The simple design of the fulfillment display allows for their eye-catching colourful product to take centre stage and be clearly displayed. The clients logo needed to be bold and the decision to keep the display black ensures their white logo really stands out. Vick Kumar, our Prepress Graphic Designer, and Kong Chhem (Packaging Designer) were able to collaborate on design and graphic to ultimately reduce the print plate area cost for the customer. Each minor display would hold 100 units of Skull Candy’s product, 200 units will be displayed per store. Working on tight timelines, the GLBC team was able to pull together and complete the necessary fulfillment, source materials and fill displays with all ear buds in exact color combination as specified by the customer.

And here’s the finished result!

Skull 7

Got a packaging challenge or project that you need help with?! Contact us today. We’d be happy to chat through our process from concept to final product and discuss our services.

The Great Little Box team hard a work

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