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skoah: The Facial Franchise Disrupting Spa Stuffiness

When you hear the phrase “attainable luxury”, what do you think of? What are the especially gratifying, edifying, or beautifying things you do that won’t break the bank? If you’ve never heard of “personal training for your skin”, this might be a new go-to for you. That’s what skoah Skin Care, a facial shop with a membership-based model and in-house product line, has on offer.

“When you get a skoah membership, which works like a gym membership, you come in once a month for a 45-minute power facial,” explains Senior Manager, Customer Experience Saniya Jamal. “This includes a professional treatment, education on how to care for your skin at home, and 10% off the products you need for your at-home routine. It’s a full 360-degree approach to skincare.”

skoah skin care Facial performed at a franchise
Photography Credit: skoah

Since 2001, when skoah started as a Yaletown spa promising “no whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitude”, it’s been known for facial expertise. In 2003, inspired by the single service nail bars in other major cities, skoah opened its first “facials only” shop. Eventually, opening a skoah “facials only” shop became a fantastic option for entrepreneurs with aesthetician leanings. Nowadays, the franchise is positioned to revolutionize the $11 billion American skincare industry.

All of this growth boils down to one thing: just how good it feels for a knowledgeable skoah “skincare trainer” to give your face the attention and care it needs on a regular basis. That, and the fact that you can access this experience for a far lower price than what you would pay for a typical spa visit.

It’s a formula that’s working wonders for the many skoah fans who love getting their glow on regularly.

Focusing on facials allows skoah’s franchise-owners to accumulate a krew full of expertise. Saniya explains that their skoah skin care trainers can give up to 30 facials a week, compared to the 10 a month a typical spa employee might give.

“They see so many different skin types,” says Saniya. “They really become experts. They know how to tweak a routine, how factors like weather, air conditioning, you name it, can impact the skin.”

And it is fun for skoah skin care trainers to combine products to unlock the best outcomes for guests. Their educated approach to skincare leads to many a successful experiment. “We love ‘kocktailing’ the products,” says Saniya, laughing, “and, yes, we spell it with a ‘k’ because we love ‘k’s’ at skoah.”

Skoah skin products on a table
Photography Credit: skoah

What we at Great Little Box Company (GLBC) happen to love is skoah’s ethical, eco-friendly approach to business. They’ve long made their products with plant-based ingredients, without heavy minerals or sulfates. They’ve long prepared their solutions in small batches that preserve freshness. They’ve long created their formulas right in Vancouver, BC, always focusing on top-of-the-line quality. But now they’re focusing on the problem of single-use plastic. To that end, they are transitioning away from plastic to glass containers, while getting rid of excess packaging. Of course, to protect these glass containers, they need to use an outer layer that provides just enough protection—but no more than what’s absolutely necessary.

As skoah’s packaging partner, GLBC came up with a solution that fit the bill. Saniya describes it as a “quality box with a soft touch that provides an amazing customer experience.”

“GLBC has such amazing experts. They always take us from A to Z and give us great bang for buck.”

For skoah, the future looks very exciting. As they ramp up their franchising growth, they’re looking to open 500 facial shops in the next five years, many of them in the US. Their products— “designed with purpose and created with care,” as Saniya puts it—and facial-focused approach can change lives. One unpretentious yet totally luxurious experience at a time.


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