Seeking Health Case Study: A Label System to Protect Customer Relationships

With their nutritional supplements, Seeking Health provides a fundamental missing step in today’s symptom-preoccupied healthcare system. The last thing that a company like this should experience is any interference in their relationship with their customers. And packaging has the power to protect that relationship.

Seeking Health - Dr. Lynch
Dr. Ben Lynch

Seeking Health is the brainchild of Dr. Ben Lynch, a pioneer in epigenetics innovation and the author of Dirty Genes, which focuses on the role of environment in triggering our disease-causing genes. Hence, their products are geared towards optimizing the body to experience the best health outcomes. They improve digestion, reduce environmental toxins, and optimize diets to unlock stronger immune systems.

Seeking Health’s strength as a brand is predicated on its trustworthiness. Lines of accountability between company and consumer must be strong. When anything threatens this relationship, it’s a problem for the brand. That’s what the natural supplement company needed our help with.

Team Photo
Team Photo

The Situation

The company had run into a frustrating situation with third-party vendors. These vendors were purchasing Seeking Health products off of Amazon and then re-selling them. Seeking Health needed a more refined way to track their products once shipped so they could nip any renegade re-selling initiatives in the bud.

Chad Larsen is the company’s current Supply Chain Manager. Chad had previously been the Purchasing Manager for another company that has long partnered with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC). Chad remembered how exceptional GLBC’s customer service had always been, so when he wasn’t getting the results he needed from his former label supplier, he reached out.

The Solution

Ultimately, GLBC and Seeking Health landed on a canny way to track products via labels. With their new system, Seeking Health could easily see where products ended up and isolate the shipment source.

The Result

GLBC’s work with Seeking Health helped the company to:

• Maintain visibility over product movement: the new label system enabled the company to easily track each bottle it shipped out.
• Protect customer relationships: by stopping these third-party sellers, Seeking Health maintains a direct connection with customers.

Nutritional Supplements - Label Solutions
Nutritional Supplements – Label Solutions

Seeking Health believes that the right kind of supplements are key for remaining healthy in our toxic, high-stress environment, with our nutrient-depleted soils. Their pure, scientifically formulated nutrients are helping people to do more than simply treat their symptoms. As a company, they’re building essential relationships with customers who are arguably not always well served by conventional healthcare. We’re grateful that because of their new label system, they can guard the sanctity of these important relationships.