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Seasonal Merchandising Works – Now, Make it Work Even Better

The power of seasonal merchandising and the seasonal product—from the Christmas-themed to the pumpkin-spiced—is undeniable. And part of harnessing that power is presenting the product strategically. Point of purchase (POP) displays, especially ones featuring leading-edge digital printing, can factor quite successfully into that strategy.

On special occasions and during holidays, sales are yours for the taking. But these are, of course, also times of increased competition, as other brands pull out all the stops to reflect what’s special about the season. It’s no exaggeration to say that the right merchandising and display strategy can make or break quarterly product sales.

Want to make the biggest possible impact with your seasonal merchandising? It makes sense to learn about the psychology of seasonal shopping and how to leverage the most innovative POP solutions available to maximize your approach.

Why seasonal works

Now…why is the pumpkin spiced latte such a phenomenon? As Starbucks’ most popular seasonal product, the beverage has been enjoyed more than 200 million times since it was invented in 2003.

Well, as Peter Dukes, the product manager behind the team that created the PSL, puts it, “Pumpkin Spice Latte has become more than just a beverage. It has become a harbinger of the season.”

Seasonal products tap into powerful emotions. These include nostalgia over the traditions we’ve long enjoyed and the hope we often associate with changing seasons. By reflecting on what’s happening for people on a sentimental level, your product can take on a significance that goes far beyond whatever functional benefits it provides.

Seasonal Merchandising - Digitally Printed POP Displays
Seasonal Merchandising – Digitally Printed POP Displays

How to make seasonal work better

Seasonal merchandising is a major opportunity, so how can you make the most of that opportunity? There are few options more strategic than the POP display. And in 2021, there are so many digitally supported solutions for making a POP completely pop.

Here are a few great ideas:

Encourage impulse buying

Naturally, one of the big ideas behind POP displays is to leverage a shopper’s tendency to make impulse purchases. Research shows that most people go to the store with a plan for exactly what they want to buy. But a POP can encourage deviations to that plan simply by demanding a shopper’s attention and tapping into their tendency to act on impulse.

How do you harness impulsivity? Well, research shows at least 40% of all seasonal candy purchases are made impulsively—and what triggers that impulse is seeing the candy featured in an aisle display. Furthermore, end of aisle and theatre-style displays with a variety of products tend to drive higher sales these days. Finally, remember that “eye-level is buy-level”!

Speak to scarcity

One of the reasons why seasonal products fly off the shelves is because they leverage simple supply and demand economics. That is, consumers know that these products are only available for a limited time, and that increases their sense of value.

So, build that feeling of once-a-year specialness with your POP. Your display’s imagery and messages should remind consumers that their opportunity to engage with the season is fleeting and precious.

Make it an experience

A UK study found that 81% of consumers believe that brick-and-mortar shops are still a vital part of their shopping experience. Since people still genuinely want an experience when they go shopping, you have an opportunity to provide that.

Digital printing for all applications provides a tremendous amount of flexibility, versatility, and affordability. And when it comes to a POP, digital can help you to create maximum visual impact with bright colours and creative cut-outs that might not be as feasible with traditional print. When you’re designing a visual experience, you need to create something that surprises and engages shoppers.

Seasonal Merchandising - Digitally Printed POP Easter and Christmas Displays
Seasonal Merchandising – Digitally Printed POP Easter and Christmas Displays

It’s your season to shine

Your seasonal merchandise merits the best possible presentation so that it can truly make a difference in its quarter. Digitally printed POPs could give you that critical leg up during a congested time of seasonal products. Design and deploy POPs strategically and the sales are yours for the taking.

If you have questions about Point of Purchase displays or digital printing, please do reach out. We love to make connections and provide clarity.

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