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Routine Case Study: Collaborating With Taryn Toomey Means Guarding Brand Integrity

If you don’t know Routine Natural Goods yet, chances are you will soon. This Calgary-based natural deodorant company, founded by self-declared “formerly smelly sisters” Pippa and Neige Blair, is having a bit of a moment. A collaboration-with-Taryn-Toomey-of-The-Class-sized moment, to be precise.

Indeed, to be trusted as makers of the official The Class Deodorant is no small thing and illustrates just how life-changing their formulas really are. Routine’s earned a name for creating the “most effective natural deodorant ever”, with options for every body type and scent preference.

Prior to their work with Toomey, Routine already had a track record of collaborations with notable Canadian artists like Hannah Georgas. Plus, their media profile has been high for a while, with recognition from publications like Vogue, Cosmo, and GQ.

The Situation

With a brand this valuable and carefully curated, their partners (ourselves included) need to be on their game. As makers of their box packaging, we are aware of the role we play in protecting what Pippa and Neige have so painstakingly built.

Routine’s packaging is tremendously colourful—like the company itself. Achieving consistency in these varied but distinctive colours is key to getting high-end results that guard the integrity of the brand.

The Solution

We worked with Routine to create truly eye-catching, fun packaging with major shelf appeal. We made sure to invest in details like soft-touch coating and foil on certain SKUS (stock-keeping units). These are the little differences that broadcast the high-end stature of a brand.

Most importantly, we worked closely with our press team and ink supplier to tackle the colour consistency challenge. We were able to develop custom Pantone colours to ensure that every box looks exactly—and we mean exactly—the same as every other box with the same SKU. Custom Pantone colours aren’t produced very often, but that’s the step we took to absolutely guarantee consistency.

The Results

As Routine’s life-changing deodorants continue to fly off the shelves, they’re looking precisely the way they should. Every box associated with every SKU is a work of art, soft to the touch, and consistently and distinctively coloured. With celebrity collaborations as esteemed as The Class fueling this brand’s rise, expectations for product quality and consistency are deservedly high. We are humbled to play our part in ensuring these expectations are met—every time, no exceptions.


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