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GLBC’s Product of the Month – Retail Displays

Are you ever walking by a store and see an eye-catching retail display that makes you walk in just out of curiosity? We might be part of that reason with our retail ready displays, which is just another way Great Little Box could have influenced you and you didn’t even know it.

One of our great customers, Aritzia, recently challenged us to create an attention-grabbing window display that would make their store stand out from the rest. Challenge accepted!

Aritzia’s retail display was named GLBC’s product of the month for October. Here’s some of the love that went into it:

–       Our very talented in-house design team took the time to create a 3D look by playing with different angles and materials to come up with a one-piece solution.

–       Over 20 variations in colour using three sets of print plates.

–       Prepress taking time to carefully prepare proofs and set up plates to register appropriately.

–       Assembly into a wall system at store level made easy by designer

If you see Artizia’s retail display in an area around you, tweet us a picture @GreatLittleBox or post a picture on our Facebook wall, we’d love to hear from you!

We make sure your product is effectively merchandised and positioned in the store to create the most eye catching retail display that will bring your customers in. For more information on how we can create a retail ready packaging specific to your brand, contact us today.

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