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Red Truck Beer: A Label That Honours The Brand But Still Feels New

The Red Truck Beer Company’s brand evokes a time when, in their words, “a handshake was a contract and beer was brewed honestly by everyday, hardworking people.” Since 2005, they have been tapping into a nostalgic yet dynamic vibe, with their 50s-style “truck stop diner” and laidback attitude. They also showcase live local talent throughout the year on the weekends and in a big way during the summer at their Truck Stop concert series.

Red truck cases of beer

Great Little Box Company creates and supplies folding cartons and beer labels for Red Truck. And when Red Truck requested something “new and fresh” for their 473 ml Lager tall cans, we were happy to oblige.


The Situation

Red Truck has a truly strong brand identity. It has been developed over years of brewing beer “with no preservatives, pasteurization, or shortcuts” and driving experiences with an old-school spirit of celebration. So creating collateral that is “new and fresh” must never come at the cost of deviating away from the established brand. Clearly, to create a new label that managed to be true to the established brand but still felt “new”, some creative solutions were in order.

Red truck beer can with colourful custom sticker

The Solution

The icon that best captures the brewery’s approach to old school community values is, of course, its red truck. So GLBC made this iconic truck the centrepiece of the new labels, firmly evoking Red Truck’s carefully cultivated brand. But then we had to make these labels pop. We suggested an approach that would allow the labels to literally shimmer.

We created two options using silver BOPP with different white underlayers for visual impact. BOPP is a high-performance solution for labels because it’s tough and moisture-resistant. It’s also a medium that can have a type of translucency. Our labels were manufactured to shimmer in an undeniably eye-catching way.

The Result

Red Truck was thrilled with the silver BOPP print solution. GLBC has helped them to:

  • Honour their brand: by showcasing the red truck, these labels aligned with Red Truck’s carefully cultivated brand
  • Express fresh ideas: by using the BOPP-enabled “shimmer” effect, we were able to create a fresh, new effect

red truck colourful custom label

The challenge of expressing an established brand in new and innovative ways is always a serious one. But it’s one that GLBC takes up with enthusiasm for all of its clients. Red Truck Beer Company is no exception. With a beloved brand that honours old-school values, Red Truck has a legacy to protect. And with innovative print solutions on their side, they can carry that legacy forward in ways that always feel fresh and new.

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