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Recycling of Corrugated at GLBC

Why is Corrugated (cardboard) Recycling Important?

Did you know that corrugate is the single most recycled packaging material?  According to, 93% of corrugated products in 2016 were recovered for recycling and almost all of that material was recycled into new product.  Here is a breakdown of how Great Little Box Company (GLBC) manages our recycling program on our production floor.

The first step in the corrugated (cardboard) recycling process at GLBC is to collect the die cuts from the machines. The excess material goes onto a conveyor that goes into a chute that transfers to our centralizer or compactor.

photo of great little box factory showing a cardboard chute

Additional material that is unable to transport through our chutes due to size has a dedicated bin. From there, an employee will deliver this to the centralizer or compactor.

photo of great little box factory showing a cardboard chute

Then, the die cuts go into our shredder and are bundled for pick up by our recycling partner. These bundles are then sorted at their facility to ensure that the mills who will reuse this material receive the proper grade of materials based on the materials being recovered.

bundled cardboard ready to be recycled

After the sorting has been completed, it is mixed with water and chemicals to breakdown the paper fibers known as pulping. The pulp material is then taken to a filter process to remove any foreign materials or impurities such as tape or glue. Finally, de-inking is the final processing stage before the cleaned pulp is blended with new production materials.

GLBC is proud to have implemented our recycling program throughout our production floor and remains committed to ensuring best practices in sustainable manufacturing. GLBC holds a certification in SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).

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