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QCCanada: Sharing their Unbreakable Brand

When your company is the premier supplier of tire protection and wear products for forestry, industrial, construction and commercial applications, you want to be associated with tough, reliable, and functional solutions.  Suppose you’re part of QCCanada’s team.  In that case, you want to emanate these principles in everything you do, including showing your customers appreciation for their dedication and loyalty through QCCanada wine gift packaging.

Founded in 1973 as Midway Chain, QCCanada had become a notable regional distributor and retailer of traction tire chains, and in 2005 aligned its efforts to become the nation’s biggest wholesaler of traction tire chains under a single brand QCC.  With the expansion into new sectors and enhancing product offerings in new markets while preserving the founding principles, QCCanada cemented its place in the industry and its brand.

QCCanada’s steady climb solidified the application of its three winning approaches:  Strike a balance between price, performance, and application; Ship product the same day; and maintain the best warranty in the industry.  All of which has been encapsulated in QCCanada’s “Promise to Serve,” a commitment to its customers.

With a long association with the owner of the Kettle Valley Wine vineyard, a member of the Board, QCCanada started a customer appreciation program by sending branded bottles of Kettle Valley Wine to its customers before the holiday season.   This display of appreciation for QCCanada’s customer loyalty had and continues to have a profound impact.

However, getting this gift to the customers presented issues, especially for long distances.  Breakages, freezing during transportation, and the general look and presentation of the packaging left much to be desired.  It did not reflect the intent QCCanada wanted to present with this gesture of loyalty.

In 2022, QCCanada’s marketing team was tasked with reshaping the packaging for the customer’s wine loyalty gift to address the durability of delivery and the look required to present QCCanada’s brand appropriately.

As QCCanada already has an established relationship with the Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC), they were approached with this project to help shape a structural design that reflected a solid but elegant branding statement.  The effect was outstanding.  It delivered the foundational strength that allowed for delivery across Canada and presented an impactful impression on the customers.

The Situation

In the journey for growth, unique customer appreciation gifts remain an essential strategy for keeping the momentum.   Furthermore, with the natural evolution of any company comes shifting brand and visual focuses as branding elements evolve or fade in importance.    QCCanada needed packaging for its wine gifts to meet the challenges of long-distance shipping and a presentation aligned with the brand image taking shape within all aspects of the marketing strategy.  The shape, format and printing on the corrugated cardboard packaging required a wraparound colour pallet that accented a definitive statement of the QCCanada visual brand while sharing/tying in Kettle Valley Winery and its robust history as an addendum to the gift.

The Solution

Customer Appreciation – QCCanada Wine Gift Packaging

GLBC and QCCanada created a box that utilized cradling foam inserts, preventing breakage, and using cost-effective digital printing, allowing for changes through multiple and future product runs.

As the box represented QCCanada’s branding, the copy/graphics had to be spot on.  The QCCanada team enjoyed working with and appreciated the ability and freedom to create a finished product that aligned with the desired intent through and with the guidance, support, and assistance from GLBC.

“I was so fortunate to work with a responsive and helpful printer, and allowed for changes because many other print places that I worked with in the past don’t do that.” Scott Symmes, QCC Marketing

The Result

GLBC’s work with QCCanada helped to:

  • Enhanced QCCanada’s customer loyalty: The wine boxes were so well-received by the recipients that requests for more have been received, with some offering to pay.
  • Heightened and intensified the QCCanada brand: The digital wraparound print created a stellar example of the company’s current visual brand for other team members to see and follow.
  • Boost team pride: In addition to the 100 bottles sent to customers, the gift boxes were given internally to all employees who saw this enhanced branding endeavour as a solidifying signal of QCCanada’s future.

We don’t know many companies that can sustain solid growth over decades, but QCCanada’s care for their customers certainly gives us a clue as to how it can be done.  GLBC anticipates many more years of excellence ahead, and we are proud of our association with QCCanada and support them every step of their journey.

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