Materials and goods are shipped on a daily basis. So how do you ensure safe handling to prevent damage during transportation? Great Little Box Company (GLBC) has solutions for any situation and carries a wide selection of protective packaging to fit your every need.

Packaging for protection comes in all shapes, sizes, and performance levels. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the right level of protection.

Packaging Paper

clean newsprint sheets and packing paper

Otherwise known as newsprint these sheets are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative. Clean sheets will not leave marks and work well for dishes and glasses.

Single Face Corrugated

single face corrugated cardboard

Corrugated rolls are an environmentally friendly alternative for packaging that can be reused or recycled when finished using. This flexible and convenient option has one smooth side and one fluted side that provides shock-absorbing cushioning. They are handy to protect items and can even be used for floor protection. 

Bubble Rolls

hand pops bubble packaging

Bubble is a great material for protecting fragile items during moving, shipping or storage. This solution puts air between your product and the wall of the container it is packed in effectively creating an air cloud of protection. Bubble is lightweight, clean and flexible and its see-through material allows for instant product identification. It is available in 3 thicknesses and comes in anti-static and recycled content.

Protective Foam

protective foam picture

Foam rolls are a versatile product that can be used to wrap around items to protect against cosmetic damage and can be utilized for void fill. They are lightweight, flexible and non-scratching and can be recycled. Foam is non-abrasive and has anti-slip properties to resist movement.

Packaging Peanuts

packaging peanuts picture

These small pieces of corn starch or styrofoam are for void fill, providing cushioning and to help prevent shock in shipping boxes. They can be used between a second layer of boxes for extra protection. Their small shape allows items to be nestled to ensure they are properly surrounded and protected. They come in 100% compostable corn starch.

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