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Prost8 Lager: BC Craft Brewing Industry & GLBC Come Together to Fight Prostate Cancer

1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime.

So…say you want to raise awareness and funds for this extremely serious problem. You decide to create a product. Its branding will highlight the cause and its sales will fund cutting edge research. All you need to do is coordinate dozens of people in your industry and beyond, asking them to donate their time, energy, and expertise.

How doable is this goal? Well, if you work in the craft brewing industry like Evan Doan of the Craft Collective, the answer is: very.

“The highlight of working in this industry is the people,” says Evan. “Almost more than the beer. Craft brewers and the people who partner with them are the best people I know.”

So when Evan and Hops Connect’s Will Konantz joked that “Prost8” would make a great beer name, they were steps away from launching a fundraiser. After all, in the past, Evan and his brother had biked to Mexico to raise funds for Leukemia research. And Will had previously raised funds for testicular cancer research. Quickly, the joke took a serious turn. They realized “Prost8” was an idea with real merit—if they could get buy-in from partners, from brewers to packagers.

“I started asking people in the industry about working on an initiative,” says Evan, “and of course the response was just: ‘When, where, and how?’”

The “how”? Make a supremely drinkable German-style lager branded “Prost8”, 100% of the sales for which will fund research at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. The goal is to raise $100,000.

The “where”? British Columbia. All partners on board with this initiative are BC-based craft beer companies and partners—one of which is (we are proud to say) Great Little Box Company. We’re privileged to provide the specially branded box for the beers.

Prost8 Lager 8 Pack – Manufactured and Provided By Great Little Box Company (GLBC)

The “when”? Starting September 1st, just in time for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. At that point, 100 Hectolitres of Prost8 will be available at stores across BC.

Ultimately, it doesn’t get much more local than the Prost8 initiative. That includes the hops it was brewed from. The Sasquatch is Canada’s first homegrown hop, a floral, citrusy, and piney varietal bound to please craft-loving palettes.

“We wanted this beer to be an approachable German-style lager,” explains Evan, “and we also wanted to promote BC as much as possible. That’s why everyone involved in the project is BC-based.”

Cracking into a Prost8 lager is bound to be one of the more enjoyable ways you could raise funds for cancer research. And the whole initiative is bent towards fun, with special launch parties on the horizon, and a “Beer-O-Meter” that tracks progress towards the $100,000 goal.

Evan is grateful for the support of partners like Hops Connect, West Coast Canning, BSG, Great Little Box Company, Direct Tap, Bullseye Packaging, and of course, his own – Evan Doan of Doan’s Craft Beer Co. and Craft Collective Beerworks.

“Everyone on board has been so great to work with,” he says. “We were asked to do a last-minute photoshoot to promote Prost8 and everybody did whatever they could to drop everything and participate. That’s the kind of people they are.”

Coming together for a special cause – representatives from Hops Connect, West Coast Canning, BSG, Direct Tap, Bullseye Packaging, Craft Collective Beerworks, and Great Little Box Company (GLBC)

Look forward to enjoying Prost8 lager on September 1st. Between now and then, Evan encourages craft lovers to ask their local liquor stores to stock Prost8. “We want this beer to be at as many points of sale as possible, so expressing interest really helps.”

Learn more about the GLBC-supported Prostate Cancer “Prost8” initiative here.

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