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What You Should Know About POP Displays

It’s hard to beat a well-designed Point of Purchase (POP) display for driving customer interest, and ultimately, sales. Whether the POP is a simple sign or a full-on shelving unit with an attention-getting digital display, its job is to make merchandise stand out. Placed by a checkout aisle or in a highly-trafficked location on a sales floor, a POP truly does make a product “pop”. So, what should you know about POP Displays and how can you start to plan yours?

Why POP?

It’s in the name! The point of sale—the place where the purchase can occur—opens up a rare opportunity for generating business you wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s where the customer is motivated to make purchases, and they have the means to do so. The idea with POPs is to capitalize on whatever window for impulse buying might exist for that motivated and enabled customer. If they’ve come to the store with a plan for what they want to buy—and we know that that’s typically the case—a POP can inspire last-minute deviations in the plan. All of a sudden, your product ends up in the shopping cart.

POPs, especially the larger ones, are also great opportunities to generate more awareness of your brand. You can use the design real estate on your POP to tell your story, share information, and showcase the product in more detail.

The types of POPs you can choose

Counter Display

Counter Display made for Okanagan Springs Beer Company

Meant to sit on the counters around the checkout aisle, a counter display has a small footprint but makes a big impact. You can use die-cut headers or custom inserts to make yours extra attention-getting.

Counter Can DispenserCounter Can Dispenser

Another small footprint option, the countertop can dispenser allows you to merchandise different SKUs together. It also has a lot of surface area for branding or consumer education.

Tray & Base Display

Tray & Base Display

You can custom-design these taller, larger-capacity displays to fit your particular product. Plenty of surface area means you can engage customers with eye-catching graphics.

Tiered Shelf Display

Another taller, larger-capacity display, the tiered shelf display has customizable shelves that can showcase different product shapes and sizes. You can also create custom inserts and die cut headers.

Double-Sided Chip Display

Double-Sided Chip Display

The double-sided chip display is another great option for stacking products and creating large surface areas for graphics and branding.

Reserve Chip Display & Base

The reverse chip display and base has customizable shelves on a solid base that can also be customized to create an on-brand effect.

Beverage Clip DisplayBeverage Clip Display

The beverage clip display is reinforced with plastic clips so it can hold heavier bottles and glass products.

Case Stacker

Case Stacker

With a case stacker, interlocking cardboard sleeves wrap around a stack of cases. You can use two-sided print to display more graphics and branding.

Dump BinDump Bin

When your product is best showcased in a bin rather than a shelf, dump bins are a great solution. Bulk or bonus items work well in this solution.

Half Pallet Display

Half Pallet Display

Ideal for large volumes of merchandise, the half pallet display is undeniably eye-catching and easy to breakdown and recycle when it is time to replace.

Pallet Wrap

A pallet wrap is made from four panels that create a “skirt” around the bottom of a pallet display. It provides even more surface area for branding, graphics, and consumer education.


 A standee isn’t designed to hold merchandise, just stand next to it. Typically, standees feature on-brand characters; they’re like cardboard cut-out figures that draw lots of attention to your products.

A word about digital displays

This is something we, and our clients, are getting increasingly excited about. Enhancing a POP with digital elements means you can add motion, light, and sound to your display. This is the next frontier in attracting attention and educating consumers.

Did you know that 70% of women and 50% of men see shopping as a form of entertainment? Also, research by Neuro-Insight for Ocean Outdoor shows that moving digital signage imagery is 2.5X more effective than static images at driving emotional responses. Digital displays can definitely deliver that entertaining, pleasantly distracting experience consumers are looking for.

POPs are an essential marketing tool—and as this post has likely shown you, that tool can take on many different forms. Intrigued by the possibilities and ready to talk with a packaging specialist? Reach out! We’re always more than happy to talk.

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