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Phillips Brewing: Space Case Advent

At GLBC we love a good surprise and the Phillips Brewing 12-pack bomber Advent Calendar definitely hits the mark. As the packaging manufacturer of this unique concept, we had a vested interest in how this exclusive corrugated case turned out and our friends at Phillips did not disappoint. It’s always fun to crack open your calendar each day to a new find but opening up to an exclusive bomber you can share (or not) is even better.

This advent calendar, their largest 12-pack ever, features twelve exclusive and never released craft brews from Phillips’ Tasting Room and is a space case to be reckoned with.

Phillips Brewing Space Case

We won’t share all the finds to avoid any spoilers but here is a quick recap of the first few days of the Space Case.

Day 1 – Brings the festive-hued Ruby Dew: Cranberry Tart Pale Ale. A natural slightly tart cranberry flavour while being true to its pale ale roots. It maintains a natural cranberry tartness without being overwhelmingly tart. Pair with your holiday meals as it cuts through the heaviness of a holiday meal or replaces your Caesar as an alternative for Sunday brunch.

Phillips Brewing Space Case

Day 2 – The festively named Glitter Bells Juicy Pale Ale. This cloudy pale ale is silky with strong citrus tones. It’s a fresh pale ale with lower alcohol content at 4.6%. As a pale ale, it pairs well with a wide range of foods but try a tangy cheddar cheese or even your favourite pizza where the malty complexity and bright hop aromas are a perfect match.

Phillips Brewing Space Case

Day 3 – The Jovaru Lithuanian Golden Ale. This full-bodied, slightly spicy golden ale is classified as a strong beer at 7.3% alcohol content. Per its namesake, this beer contains the traditional Lithuanian farmhouse yeast. As the beer features an interesting mix of spicy and peppery clove flavours and a slightly sweet and dry finish try pairing it with chicken or pork or your favourite Thai dish.

Phillips Space Case

Day 4 – The Peak Season Post Slope Saison. This saison has interesting black pepper, banana and clove flavour notes. As is the nature of a saison the flavour profile comes not from hops or malt but from the yeast. The complex blend of yeasty fruit and spice complements a wide range of dishes from spicy Asian and Middle Eastern to grilled red meat.

Peak Season Saison Beer with Teddy Bear

At GLBC, we had so much fun collaborating with the Phillips Brewing Team on the Space Case. We are looking forward to unboxing the remaining bombers leading up to the holidays… now on to Day 5 – Cheers!

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