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Pharmaceutical Packaging: The Life of a Medicine Bottle

At Great Little Box we believe all forms of packaging serve an important purpose. Pharmaceutical packaging is especially important in order to keep the contents free from contamination, ensure intended shelf life and safe use of the product.

Do you ever wonder where a product has been before it ends up in your home? Where did that neatly packaged product start, travel to, and how did it end up in your hands?  Here at GLBC we have the answers to these questions. Take for example, the pharmaceutical packaging of a medicine bottle;

Born  – Like any packaging – the packaging of a pharmaceutical bottle is conceived from a great idea.

1-2 hours old – Great Little Box’s award-winning design team put their creative minds into action to come up with stand-out packaging that will compete on the shelves and comply with pharmaceutical packaging standards.

2-3 hours oldGLBC brings the packaging concept to reality, using sustainable, high quality materials. Whether a corrugated cardboard box, paperboard or something a little more special and unique, our team can produce it.

4-5 hours old – Our state of the art  label printer, prints a fully customized label, including any security features and important instructions. The labels are then attached to the product.

5-6 hours old – Once customized to our customer’s brand standards, the inventory is sent to the loading station, and packed with protective packaging to ensure no breakage or contamination.

1-2 days old – With the product packaging complete and ready for distribution, our great delivery service team carefully loads the order for prompt delivery.

2-3 days old – Upon delivery, the product is placed on the shelves of pharmaceutical stores for consumers. GLBC’s retail ready packaging makes this step simple and painless.  From there the medicine bottle finds a home on your shelves, where it will live happily ever after.

1 month + – The product packaging is responsibly recycled and undergoes the lifecycle all over again.

At GLBC we offer a variety of services to the pharmaceutical and health care industry. Our rigid high standards and quality control measures are a great fit for this industry that is so heavily regulated. This is also another reason why the food and beverage industries turn to us so often.

If you are interested in finding out more about the life cycle of packaging or would like to see each step in action, call us today to book a tour with our team.

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