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Perverted Ice Cream: Ice Cream With a Twist

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!


Perverted ice cream cone in front of store wall


In the heart of Vancouver’s downtown core, a new ice cream shop is turning heads and raising eyebrows. Dark, twisted and exceptionally delicious, Perverted Ice Cream, a brand-new shop located at Robson and Thurlow, is drawing attention for its unique branding.


Perverted ice cream cone in front of store shelf


Black décor, tinted windows, and cheeky catch-phrases like “everytime I come ice cream” and “nothing vanilla about us” fills the interior of the ice cream store. Those who go looking for an explanation as to the thought process behind the idea on the company webpage will be out of luck. The site simply provides a definition:


Perverted—having been corrupted or distorted from its original meaning or state.”


Perverted ice cream t-shirt picture


While the concept is like no other, creators say the vision behind Perverted is all about the twist. Serving soft-serve ice cream that twists into the charcoal-tinted cones, the incredible dessert is anything but ordinary. With menu items like “Brand Spanking,” “Poutine Me On,” and “Matcha Nacho Man,” Perverted intrigues the buyers and challenges the status ice cream quo.


Eager to move away from the whimsical, child-like fun that the majority of ice cream shops gravitate towards, Perverted wanted to do something different. The name, the phrases, and the décor are for the individual to decide what it means to them.


perverted ice cream water label designed by GLBC
Perverted Ice Cream water bottle labels manufactured by GLBC


For GLBC, Perverted presented an opportunity to work with one of the most talked about new ice cream shops in Vancouver. Clever water bottle labels remind customers to “rinse your mouth,” perfectly aligned with the thought-provoking brand. Never one to turn down incredible ice cream or the opportunity to develop eye-catching labels, Great Little Box is thrilled to be part of the Perverted story.

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