Peregrine Supply Co.: E-Commerce that’s Changing Men’s Culture

Peregrine Supply Co. are “makers of modern functional men’s products”. And if you ask founder Tyler Hill, there are few things less “functional” than the way big brands have traditionally marketed to men.

“When we started out in 2014, we never intended for Peregrine to become what it became,” says Tyler. “We just saw how men’s brands communicated with all these machismo, silly, inauthentic notions about what it means to be a man, and we wanted to use our voice to effect change in the culture.”

To that end, Peregrine depicts men without resorting to over the top clichés. The company speaks to men like “the ones we see in everyday life,” as Tyler puts it. These individuals can appreciate grooming themselves without needing to be convinced that doing so is “manly”.

Peregrine Supply Co. custom packaging

But Peregrine’s power extends beyond its compelling brand voice. The products, which include face, beard, and shaving solutions, are actually formulated for men. According to Tyler, that’s not a claim many of the larger brands can make.

“There’s a thing called transepidermal water loss that works differently with men than with women,” he explains. “Basically, it means men’s skin has a harder time holding onto its natural moisture, so our products are formulated to address that problem.”

That approach caught on. Peregrine is now a thriving company, connecting directly with buyers and stocked by retailers across North America. It has been featured in publications like Glamour and GQ. And their brand fans are enthusiastic, to say the least, with customers leaving exclusively 5-star reviews on products like the Park Ranger Beard Oil. (Doesn’t “a woodsy base of Cedarwood and Patchouli… complemented by resinous tones of Cedar Leaf, Spruce and Lemon” sound appealing?)

As with every company with a robust e-commerce channel, the “unboxing experience” is all-important. When a Peregrine fan receives an order, it needs to leave a deep impression and strengthen the relationship that will ultimately sustain the company.

For Peregrine, the unboxing is definitely a “built experience” that includes customized notes. As customers place additional orders, these notes become even more personal. And holidays add opportunities for even more “layers of experience”. It’s common for Peregrine to include seasonal gifts of samples in packages—and these samples often lead to glowing reviews. It’s a dynamic fueled by genuine enthusiasm and attention to detail.

When Peregrine first connected with Great Little Box Company (GLBC), they were just starting to reach the point of shipping hundreds of units. They had been working with a US-based packaging company, but they found they needed to exercise more control. To make the impact they wanted to make, Peregrine needed a more “distinct, bespoke feel.” And they were looking to make that impact without “going crazy on costs.”

custom box for e-commerce business

GLBC was the right fit. Tyler explains that “with GLBC we are able to enjoy a really cooperative relationship. It makes a huge difference to be able to play with mock-ups in order to figure out our bespoke packaging. And we have that without paying a high cost.”

As Peregrine grows, Tyler and his partner Katrina Moscato have their hands full learning how to manage success. “We always have a lot to learn about the analytic side of things. We’re great at creative! But there’s SEO, paid advertising… e-commerce is such a multi-faceted challenge.”

With Peregrine’s strong culture, we have no doubt that they’ll continue to impact the world around them like they intend to. As they do so, we’re proud to help them make that impact in an unforgettable way.