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The People Who Care for People: Ian Dillion, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Ian Dillion is a Customer Solutions Coordinator in the Corrugated & Industrial Packaging Division of our Everett, Washington branch. This seasoned customer service specialist started with Great little Box Company/ Ideon Packaging (GLBC) nearly two years ago, and that means he was onboarded in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was definitely not a time of “business as usual”—Ian started out in the office, but a month later moved to remote work. Despite that, Ian excelled from the start. With twenty years in customer service under his belt, Ian understands exactly how to take incredible care of people.

people who care for people - ian dillon
People Who Care for People – Ian Dillon, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Where did you work before joining GLBC?

In the aerospace industry, working for a ground support company, selling things like engine stands. I was a customer service manager working for Hydro Systems, selling Boeing and Rolls-Royce tooling. Prior to that, I worked in travel.

What brought you to packaging?

I was looking for something more stable, more economy-proof. In travel and aerospace, when something major happens, those industries can go on pause.

Why did you choose a career in customer service?

Well, my initial career was in travel, and I chose it for the perks! Discounted tickets, hotel rooms, that sort of thing.

What are your keys to success in customer service?

Having an eye for detail. Being proactive. Asking questions. Questioning everything!

What interests you about your job?

How versatile corrugate is. When you’re on the outside you think, “It’s just boxes.” But when you see how they are designed and manufactured, it’s pretty interesting. I think my wife gets annoyed with me because every time I see a local brewery, I say, “Oh, we made their boxes!”

What were your biggest challenges?

Learning about packaging. I was brand new to it when I joined GLBC.

How do you overcome hurdles?

Just asking questions. Jen [Jennifer Main, Everett Branch Manager] knows everything! She’s a great resource. If I have issues with—let’s say, protective packaging—I go to Matt Gardner. There are a lot of good people with good knowledge whom I can turn to and ask questions.

What advice would you have given yourself 20 years ago about customer service?

Not to take things too personally. If you make an error, own it. But most of the time, it’s beyond your control.

What is your favourite GLBC memory?

Any time we’ve gotten together outside of work. The Christmas party we had at our branch. I like it when the team comes down from up North and we have dinner. Going up to the 40th-anniversary event; it’s great to see faces there. I’ve heard stories about corporate parties, preCOVID so I’m expecting big things!




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