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Packaging Miracle: The Understated Packing Peanut

In August and September, GLBC are giving thanks to the innovative peanut. Packing peanut that is, and in its honour we have made it our product special. GLBC’s packing peanuts are also the Green Product of The Month. With this in mind we have some surprising facts and some fun DIY’s to keep the little ones busy over the summer.

– Packing peanuts were invented in 1965 by The Dow Chemical Company.

– Most popular use is for packing peanuts is to protect products during the shipping process.

– Packing peanuts were originally made from 100% polystyrene, which is one of the most widely used plastics, but it is not environmentally friendly. Now polystyrene packing peanuts have a very high recycled content.

– In 1991, the Evergreen Company introduced the biodegradable cornstarch peanut to the market. GLBC manufactures biodegradable packing peanuts in-house that dissolve in water.

– Most commonly “S” shaped – when pressed in tight spaces they interlock and act as a soft cushion.

– Static-free, non toxic, inexpensive, fast and easy way to protect your products.

GLBC is committed to remaining at the forefront of sustainability, producing environmentally friendly products. Great Little Box was the only company in British Columbia to win a sustainable employer award – we’re pretty proud of this!

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