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Packaging Options for your Wine

Protective packaging for wine in different styles and sizes

There is nothing better than opening a great bottle of wine – hearing the cork popping, the aroma, and of course, tasting! But like everything else, every wine has a story and part of that story is how it gets from one place to another. Great wine is a fragile thing and that can make shipping difficult. At GLBC, we can provide you with a wide range of packaging for your wine such as corrugated shippers, wine gift boxes, and molded pulp for your wine packaging needs.

Read on for some options to package your wines for shipping to ensure the bottles arrive in one piece and ready to enjoy.

Partitions and Corrugated Wine Shippers

Corrugated Wine Shippers Box with Partitions

  • Partitions line the interior of the wine shipping box and add a layer of protection, keeping the bottles from bumping into each other and reducing the chance of breakage.

E-Commerce Shipper 

E-commerce shipper with built-in partitions

  • Enables you to safely ship multiple bottles of wines with built-in partitions. This easy-to-assemble option does not require tape, glue or staples and can ship flat for easy storage.


Wine Box with three bottles on molded pulp shippers

  • Molded pulp wine shippers are designed to hold and protect your wine bottles while efficiently eliminating wasted space.

Air Pillows

Air Pillow packs

  • This packaging solution keeps a series of adjoining tubes securely inflated to product your wine during shipment. Air Pillow packs are also great as a buffer for your wine labels, eliminating the risk of scratching during transportation. Air pillows are light-weight and can help reduce shipping costs.


If you have any questions regarding shipping your wine, check out our Wine Industry Page or contact us today and we will connect you with a packaging specialist.

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