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The Most Compelling Packaging Design Trends 2024

Turns out, what they’ve always said about first impressions is true. Especially in the world of product packaging design trends.

According to Ipsos, 72% of consumers are influenced in their shopping decisions by packaging. 67% are aware that even the materials used to create a package play a role in their decision-making. So, when a product packaging trend takes off, it’s because marketers are noticing the impact it’s having on shoppers. It’s turning heads and driving sales. Are you aware of what’s having an impact so far in 2024?

As packaging people, we design and manufacture a huge range of solutions— corrugated, folding cartons, labels, protective packaging, you name it—for just about every industry under the sun. So, it’s safe to say we have a good vantage point for observing the trends. And here’s what we’re seeing for this upcoming calendar year.

These are the most compelling package design trends in 2024:

Supportive Illustrations

Sometimes a touch of illustration can really amplify the impact of a package design. When we say “supportive” we mean that this graphical element doesn’t command too much attention, but truly complements the rest of the design. It’s subtle but impactful.

Packaging Design Trends 2024

High Contrast Graphics

Using highly contrasting colours in your graphic while making strategic use of space on your packaging is on trend for 2024. Imagine applying intricate patterns on lids and solid single colours on a box’s interior. The idea is to create a maximally dynamic effect.

Super-Bold Typography  

When typography takes center stage on a package, it telegraphs effortless style, a chic minimalism. There’s really no need for additional visuals when the font is distinctive enough. Experiment with letting the words take up more space.

Colour Variants

Maintaining consistency between the graphical elements on a product line but introducing colour variations is such a fun way to elevate your brand. It’s a cheeky way to communicate the little differences between SKUs—like flavours, for example—without using a single word.

Creative Patterns

The right use of patterning on a package is the definition of eye-catching. This trend is about creating an effect of pleasing repetition when you wrap a patterned visual around an entire package. It’s like turning your product into the most stylishly wrapped gift ever.

Packaging Design Trends 2024

Dramatic Shapes and Colours

It’s playtime in the world of packaging, as truly eye-catching shapes and colours find their way onto products. It’s one thing to use a bold yet conventional colour—it’s another thing to energize graphics and typography with unusual and striking shades like neons. Imagine, for example, designing a product package that would fit into the campy yet stunning world of Barbie.

Eco-Friendly Material

This is a big one for an increasingly conscious marketplace. Recycled, sustainably sourced, and openly natural packages resonate with consumers who want to reduce their impact on a stressed planet. Remember: eco-friendly doesn’t need to mean lacking in style. Sleek designs, high end products, and sustainability can definitely all go together.

Retro Touchpoints

From your typography to your colour palette to your layout, you can infuse your package design with nostalgic, retro charm. This works especially well when your product nods to the past in some sort of way. Choose this approach when you want to broadcast a fun and playful vibe.

Packaging Design Trends 2024

These are the trends that are compelling shoppers in 2024—and that means higher sales and bigger brand awareness. Tap into these trends and ride the wave. And if you ever have questions, or want to brainstorm ideas, please reach out. We love talking about creative packaging approaches with entrepreneurs.

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