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NION Health Case Study: Packaging a Revolutionary Product

NION Health has the distinction and the challenge of being the first of its kind on the market as producers of the first safely ingestible “negative ion” supplement. They are tasked with plenty of consumer education, and packaging is one way they meet that challenge, as their NION Electrolyte Drink Mix packaging demonstrates.

So…what are “negative ions” and how does an electrolyte featuring these ions differ from other mixes?

VP Operations Gayle Loyd explains that most products on the market feature positive ions. However, negative ions are the molecules that truly charge us, supporting the mitochondria that act as the “battery packs” of our cells. She says, “Negative ions are found all over the natural world. We wonder why we feel so good walking among trees or standing under a waterfall. It’s not just because these are beautiful places, it’s because we are getting—quite literally—charged up by the negative ions around us.”

nion health negative ion supplement packaging on rocks
NION Health Negative Ion Supplement

The problem, before NION Health cracked the code, was finding a way to deliver these ions safely in supplement form. NION has created a granule that releases the molecules slowly over time, providing sustained energy and enhanced stamina, recovery, and hydration. In fact, one controlled study showed competitive athletes could double their time of mitochondrial output to exhaustion when they had used the supplement for a week prior.

There’s no doubt that the NION Electrolyte Drink Mix is a thrilling product to launch. But the need to make its benefits clear via smart branding choices is very real. So, when Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) was tapped to help create the packaging containing the NION sachets, the team prepared themselves to deliver their best.

The Situation

The average consumer—even the average supplements consumer—is not able to define what a negative ion is. Although “electrolytes” are associated with hydration and enhanced performance, most electrolyte drinkers would have no idea that the NION electrolyte is one of a kind. How can the singularity and power of this product be conveyed through its packaging? How could the science-backed benefits be clearly communicated?

The Solution

NION Health and GLBC collaborated on a carton that would assert the value of the product through a myriad of subtle details. Rather than trumpet the information and risk appearing low-end and non-credible, the box would signal trustworthiness through sheer quality. Hence, the carton was constructed to have a satisfying pop into and out of place. The box was built to fit the sachets exactly right. It was given a velvety finish and luxurious embossing. The interior was printed in full colour. And the health data— “-330 mv per serving” and “proprietary NCS-330mV™ Crystalline Matrix”—stands out more for being minimal.

Since launching, sales have been steady and the feedback from customers has been glowing. It takes a while to ignite a revolution, but the NION box is providing plenty of fuel.

The Result

GLBC’s work with NION Health helped the company to:

  • Enhance their brand: the attractive, functional, and high-quality carton is a perfect extension of NION’s future-focused, luxurious brand.
  • Communicate their product benefits: by delivering high-end packaging, the credible, science-backed benefits of a revolutionary product are indirectly conveyed.
  • Drive sales: the new product is beginning to reach consumers as their awareness grows.

nion health negative ion supplement packaging on rocks with glass

NION Health is handling the challenge of being a first-of-its-kind company with the forward-thinking that helped them create their electrolyte product in the first place. Strong branding choices go a long way towards supporting their suite of efforts to educate and engage consumers. We look forward to seeing consciousness of the benefits of negative ions begin to ripple throughout the market—in large part thanks to NION Health.




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