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Nav Dhami: 25 Years of Being a Custodial Superman

There are a handful of employees at Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) who have been helping define the culture for decades – and Nav Dhami is one of them. As the company’s custodian, he’s the familiar, friendly, and reliable presence helping maintain a functional workplace. And he’s been providing this service for 25 years.

“When I immigrated to Vancouver, I applied for this job with GLBC right away. I learned so much and I never left.”

He says that, over the years, his work as the custodian hasn’t changed very much. He cleans, of course. He orders supplies. He performs handyman services. He keeps everything tidy and orderly.

What has changed? The scale! Nav has seen the company grow tremendously, which has been exciting for him.

“My job is the same but I’m happy we have moved to a bigger building. I love the view of the water.”

In order to do his work, he stays on the move. Nav appreciates that. “I always walk everywhere. I am always exercising. This makes having a healthy lifestyle easier.”

Nav’s best memories at the company are the best memories of many GLBC employees: those wonderful Box Trips and epic Holiday parties.

custodian and colleague posing at event
Custodian, Nav Dhami and customer solutions coordinator, Carrie Dawson at a Box Goal Company Trip

“Going to Mexico with everyone when we reached our Box Goal was a great way to relax and get to know your co-workers better. And I liked bringing my children to the Holiday parties. We could all eat together, and my kids would make friends with other kids.”

Indeed, Great Little Box Company’s culture has always been a major factor driving Nav’s loyalty to the job. He knows the feeling of being with family while you’re at work can be hard to find.

“I have to thank Bob and Margaret (Meggy, the founders) for that feeling of being included. This team is like my family. Everyone is very kind. Everyone is willing to take care of each other. My supervisors always make sure I have everything I need. They are the reason we work in a wonderful, respectful environment. They never push me too hard. They say, ‘If you need to do it tomorrow, do it tomorrow.’ They always call me Superman,” he laughs.

When you ask Nav what he’s most proud of when he reflects on his career, it’s easy for him to answer: “I have been able to raise my kids for 25 years because of this work.”


This is part of a series of posts celebrating our team members on the occasion of our 40th Anniversary. GLBC’s story is all about people who care about their company and a company who cares about people. Read more here.

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