Shipping Supplies & Protective Packaging

Protect it, Pack it, Wrap it, Move it

Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) is your partner for all the equipment and supplies that will help you protect your items in the Moving and Storage Industry.

Protect it

GLBC specializes in packaging protection offering a full range of custom and stock options.  Regardless of the level of protection you need we have you covered.  We carry retail bubble packs that are the perfect convenient size for moving and available in three thicknesses.  Protective foam rolls are ideal for cushioning and surface protection as they are lightweight, flexible and non-scratching.  Packaging paper sheets are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative.  And our in house manufactured 100 % compostable peanuts are an environmentally friendly option for void fill.



Pack it

Boxes – it’s not only in our name but it’s our 40 plus years of experience that make us experts.  Not only do we carry a range of common cube sizes and specialty TV, mirror and wardrobe boxes we can also custom make any size required.  If you are looking to custom  brand your boxes we can do that too.


Wrap it

Delivering customers’ items safely is what you do and we can help.  We stock mattress and furniture covers, moving blankets, protective foam, stretch wrap and packaging tape. We also carry a range of Dish & Glass Protection Packs that ensure fragile dishes and glasses get superior protection with these handy packs.


Move it

Make moving easy with carts, hand trucks and dollies designed to move easier over most surfaces.  We can keep you organized with a range of shipping label rolls and our Label Division can produce all your custom needs.


With four locations and a passionate team, we are an excellent partner for all your moving equipment and supplies. Learn more or give one of our packaging specialists a call today.


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