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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Moving Blankets

As a professional mover, your critical mission is to ensure the safe handling, storage and transport of your customer’s furniture. Here are our top 3 reasons to use moving blankets:

  • They are easy to wrap and position over various shaped items to ensure their full protection. Use rubber bands or tape to secure the blanket to itself leaving the protected item unmarked.
  • Protect floors and walls with moving blankets during the move. Their thickness automatically protects and blankets can provide a sliding surface for heavy items.
  • Furniture and other large items are difficult to move and store and blankets provide a protective layer to keep items from getting dirty during transit.

blue and green blankets folded

Moving pads or blankets come in different weights and the colour of the blanket easily identifies the weight.

Contact Great Little Box Company to help you choose the right one and for all your moving supply needs.



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