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Noise Free Packaging for Movie Theatre Snacks?!

Chatting, laughing, texting, loud crunching, and package fiddling – anything goes at the movie theatre BEFORE the movie, but rule number three of  movie theatre etiquette is buy your snacks before hand, open them and make the least noise possible.

BUT there is always that one person that has to sit right behind you eating their snacks in the nosiest way possible, hindering your movie going experience. We can admit – we’re part guilty for this!

Whether they’re busting open a delicious bag of sour patch kids, crunching down some milk duds, or fiddling with their pop bottle label – we played a role in creating packaging of the great movie theatre treats.

movie theatre snacks

Don’t you wish there was noise free packaging to better enhance your movie theatre experience? (We’re working on it!) In the mean time, we wanted to share some of our favourite packaging of movie theatre snacks:


Popclassics compact pop up bowl


Tango’s specifically designed movie theatre packaging, that allows consumers to conveniently share with friends. They also have a eye catching point of purchase display that won’t have movie-goers missing it.


Or for those having an at home movie theatre night, we love Orville’s pop up popcorn bowl!


Looking for packaging for your food and beverage products? Get in touch with Great Little Box Company – we offer a vide variety of flexible packaging solutions including candy packaging, chocolate wrappers, tea bags or pop bottle labels – we do it all.

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