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Mountain Munchies Case Study: Branded Packaging for an Expanding Presence

When a product is gaining major buzz, its packaging must match expectations. Mountain Munchies Inc. is such a product—and we’re happy to be helping them smooth their way to market omnipresence with shipping boxes that fulfill the hype.

Essentially, Mountain Munchies Inc. is a dream come true. Using patented technology, the company has created a snack made from 100% real, all-natural cheese that’s shelf-stable. The result is Enercheez®, a crunchy, tasty product that’s perfect for soups, salads, or snacks on the go. It’s a great source of protein-rich energy that’s particularly appealing to outdoors enthusiasts. Plus, the cheese comes from a family-owned dairy in Canada!

Mountain Munchies - Bruce Burgener
Mountain Munchies – Bruce Burgener

Of course, the appeal of a product like this is easy for most people to understand. That’s why it’s no surprise that Mountain Munchies Inc. is beginning to collect significant kudos within the food manufacturing industry. In 2019, they were a finalist for the Most Innovative Business at the Small Business Of BC Awards. Even better, an increasing number of retailers are picking up the product. Mountain Munchies are showing up nationwide in select grocery stores and online platforms. And massive retailers such as Winners, Home Sense and—the more niche but indisputably valuable—MEC are now carrying Mountain Munchies.

When you’re building a reputation as a truly innovative product, every element of your branding has to be on point. Packaging is certainly no exception.

The Situation 

Understanding that they needed to up their branding game to meet expectations, Mountain Munchies Inc. reached out to Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) in 2019.

Specifically, they were looking for shipping boxes that would represent their company as an innovative new player in the food manufacturing industry. After all, their shipping boxes drive the first impression for retailers that order their products. That experience needs to be on-brand and impactful.

The company’s former plain brown boxes weren’t creating that impact. They needed a solution that would cement their value as a brand.

The Solution

Working with Mountain Munchies, GLBC came up with a fresh new solution. We created a Regular Slotted Container (RSC) —the most common shipping box— with a die-cut feature and two-colour flexographic print.

Mountain Munchies - Custom Regular Slotted Container
Mountain Munchies – Custom Regular Slotted Container

The box, while remaining robust and retail-ready, is also a work of art. The image of the blue mountain wrapping around the container evokes brand values with stunning results. It references the locally sourced nature of the cheese, as well as its appeal to outdoor recreationists.

When retailers receive their orders, the value of the brand is immediately explicit, before a single sale has taken place.

The Result

 GLBC’s work with Mountain Munchies helped the company to:

  • Achieve innovative branding: the dynamic visual elevates the brand by evoking its core values.
  • Meet market expectations: the packaging now drives a “wow experience” that could factor into future orders from retailers.

As Mountain Munchies expands into new markets, we’re proud that their shipping boxes will be properly representing the innovation at the heart of their brand. We don’t doubt that with a product as appealing and functional as their “ultimate cheesy”, they’ll continue making a huge impact in the food manufacturing industry. And they’re going to look fantastic as they do it.

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