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Machool: Streamlining the Shipping World is Just the Start


Machool Founder Kamyar Asadibeiky sitting on top of boxes
Machool Founder – Kamyar Asadibeiky
Shipping Boxes and Supplies – Manufactured by Great Little Box Company
Photography Credit: Machool

The odds are pretty good that Machool founder Kamyar Asadibeiky is one of the brightest people you’ll ever meet. Consider his brainchild, Machool, a time and money-saving shipping platform that Great Little Box Company (GLBC) is fortunate to supply shipping boxes and supplies for.

Machool is a brilliant solution for business owners who do any sort of shipping. That’s because it combines all the heavy-hitter shipping providers (think: FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, etc.) into one platform, allowing users to quickly find the best shipping option suited to their needs. They’ve even begun to offer an array of shipping boxes that are designed to unlock shipping discounts. As it states on the website, setting up a free Machool account means: “One account. Multiple shipping providers. Tons of savings.”

Machool's website pages
… customers come for the best shipping option, but they also end up buying boxes and other add-on services that enhance their experience.”
Photography Credit: Machool

“I started Machool five years ago as a tech software company,” says Kamyar, “and then I found I wanted to go deeper than just software. So, we decided to create pre-designed boxes that make shipping easier and more affordable.”

That’s impressive. Especially if you’ve spent lots of energy tracking down rate information, figuring out which boxes to use, and maintaining different shipping accounts. Machool has taken the thinking out of shipping. And if you run an e-commerce business, you know that shipping often requires a lot of thinking.

But if you talk with Kamyar, you’ll realize that shipping is really only the tip of the iceberg.

“With Machool, I saw an opportunity to build a marketplace,” he says. “It’s like a hotel: people stay in a hotel, and then they end up buying room service and go to the spa. ‘Shipping’ is our hotel; customers come for the best shipping option, but they also end up buying boxes and other add-on services that enhance their experience.

“We could have used this model in so many different industries, but shipping was a great place to start, because it’s not a niche service. If we’d chosen to connect people with the best service for dog-walkers, that would have been a much more limited market and harder to scale.”

The idea is that creating a marketplace for people to connect with any service providers could change a lot of industries for the better. Kamyar and Machool have shown that it works well in the world of shipping. Where else could this model help people save time and money?

It’s an exciting experiment to be participating in. As for how GLBC got on board, Kamyar reached out to the owners when he realized the typical box company wasn’t going to be able to meet his needs. To realize his vision of streamlining shipping for Machool users, Kamyar needed a packaging company with customization expertise. GLBC could help him to actually create the shipping boxes that would allow his customers to get the best shipping discounts.

We, of course, always love applying our creativity to solving a packaging problem. And Machool was no exception. We came up with four different boxes that Machool users can choose from to save upwards of 30% on shipping. We manufacture and store Machool’s boxes, Machool facilitates the purchase, and Machool users reap the savings.

“It’s more than a client relationship, it’s a partnership,” says Kamyar. “When we first started branching out beyond just being a software company, we didn’t have the resources to make or store boxes. We didn’t know enough about size dimensions. Early on, we made 20,000 boxes in the wrong size. But GLBC helped us to get the right boxes and solved our storage problem.

“Even if we were offered 40% off by a different packaging provider, we’d say no. We couldn’t ask for a better partner than GLBC.”

Kamyar, the feeling is mutual. As his big ideas continue to transform the world, we’re incredibly proud to be on board.




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