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Level Ground Coffee: A POP Floor Display Created Against All Odds

A cup of coffee is always a wonderful thing. But a cup of coffee that represents environmental sustainability and a fair income for farmers is something very special indeed. That’s the critical difference behind Level Ground Coffee. And that’s the difference that this Victoria, BC-based company has been creatively communicating since 1997.

It’s likely that Level Ground, a coffee roaster that sources its beans from organic farmers worldwide, is one of the world’s first fair trade companies. In an industry where coffee farmers are typically paid extremely poorly, they wanted to forge a different path. Fortunately, that path led them to become an iconic company—and their packaging partner, Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC), has walked alongside them from step one.

Level Ground Coffee

In 1997, both companies were family-owned, BC based, and aligned in values. They supported each other’s rapid growth, running many packaging experiments along the way. So, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when another supplier was unable to help them meet their deadline for a Point of Purchase (POP) floor display, Level Ground reached out to GLBC.

POP floor displays, with their attention-grabbing presence and major potential for communicating key messages, have always been an important part of Level Ground’s success. This display would be no exception, and it was imperative to deploy it on time—pandemic or not.

The Situation

POPs are the perfect marketing tool for a company like Level Ground Coffee. That’s because Level Ground’s value is bound up in values, ideas, and messages that require some real estate to communicate. And with a new 300-gram bag of coffee to share with the market, it was time to pull out the big guns. Level Ground wanted to leverage a display that would generate awareness, excitement, and—crucially—impulse purchases at the point of sale.

But, a POP floor display is a complex project to pull off, with many design, engineering, printing, and shipping considerations to manage. When Level Ground’s first supplier couldn’t meet their timeline due to pandemic-related constraints, GLBC rose to the occasion.

The Solution

Together, Level Ground and GLBC designed a POP floor display that would hold 48 300-gram bags of coffee. That’s no easy feat, because 48 bags of coffee collectively weighs 32 pounds. To make the display strong and stable enough, the team added vertical and horizontal supports.

To make the display pop, it was designed in a striking shade of light green with reversed white and black logos. When a shopper’s attention was secured, they would take in these critical messages: this is a Canadian organic certified, fair trade registered, BC-based roaster that contributes 1% of its profits to environmental causes.

As for the tight timeline, GLBC fortunately has cutting edge expertise in digital printing and an HP Scitex 15500 machine. That means they were able to print a fantastic looking display quickly with no tooling costs. This saved thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on print plates and steel dies.

The Result

Level Ground Coffee POP Display

 GLBC’s work with Level Ground Coffee helped the company to:

  • Create major impact for a new product: their POP floor display commanded attention, communicated crucial messages, and generated impulse purchases
  • Meet critical deadlines: through a combination of team efficiency and digital printing expertise, they created the display in time for the product launch
  • Save money: by leveraging high end digital printing, they saved thousands of dollars in tooling costs

We feel gratified that we were able to play a role in preventing stock outages for Level Ground. They’re a company we’ve admired since 1997, when our partnership first began. As they continue to spread the word about fair trade and make the marketplace a safer, more prosperous place for farmers, we’re cheering them on.




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