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From Spirited Start-Ups to Serious Distribution: A Packaging Journey, Part Six

Over the course of five posts (links to the entire blog series is posted below), we told the fictional but familiar-to-us story of Alana Marshall and Jacob Franchi, co-founders of a small cocktail mix company. In this story, they start out with an idea and end up with a super-successful company doing business with major retailers like Costco. Why did we tell this story? Because we know that entrepreneurs typically spend a lot of time thinking, dreaming, and imagining before they ever launch a product. They ask a lot of questions about how to accomplish the nitty-gritty of starting up and growing a successful venture. And when it comes to labels and packaging, we obviously know exactly what that “nitty gritty” looks like. So, we wanted to help entrepreneurs-to-be (and perhaps you are one) to envision building a company from the vantage point of labels and packaging. When you know what to expect, you feel safer taking that first step.

Ultimately, we are very big on entrepreneurship! We’ve worked with thousands of creative, tenacious, courageous, and committed entrepreneurs and we know we’ll work with thousands more. If we can nudge you closer to realizing your dreams by making the way forward feel less unknown, we’ll gladly do so.

To wrap up, here are the stages of Alana and Jacob’s journey, and the label and packaging products that came into play at each one.

Part One: The Big Idea

labels sketch for your brand

Alana works at a bar and wants to create a cocktail mix brand featuring natural, quality ingredients and less than half of the sugar of conventional pre-made mixes. Her long-time friend Jacob is working in an unsatisfying job and has always wanted to start a business. When she shares her idea with him, he gets fired up enough to partner with her in a new venture. To start, they come up with three flavours.

Part Two: Starting up with Labels & E-Commerce Boxes

labels and packaging e-commerce

Alana and Jacob decide to bottle their pre-mix in a maple syrup-style bottle. They connect with Great Little Box Company/Ideon Packaging (GLBC) and print a label that fits the unconventionally shaped bottle and a bottle cap label that is tamper-proof. They also create an e-commerce box with two-sided print and a custom insert that makes getting their pre-mix in the mail feel like a momentous occasion.

Part Three: First Retail Customers with Cartons, Sleeves, and Shippers

folding cartons and corrugated rsc tear away shipper

Alana and Jacob get their first orders from small local bars and stores around town. But how to get the product to them? Together with GLBC, they design a tuck-top auto-bottom folding carton with a window. Super easy to assemble, looks elegant, and the window helps the product pop! They also make a seasonal sleeve that they can wrap around the carton to dress it up for holidays. Finally, they make a shipping box that can hold 6 bottles and even has a tear-away feature that converts the box into a product display.

Part Four: Rising with Counter Displays and POPs

counter and pop display in retail store

Alana and Jacob start expanding into larger retail stores. To make their product “POP” at these locations, GLBC creates a display that will fit onto a countertop at the point of purchase. They also design a bold, colourful POP (point-of-purchase) floor display to showcase their bottles that sits on the floor of a store.

Part Five: Expanding with Multipacks, Trays, & Pallet Wrap

corrugated packaging and shipping

At this point, Alana and Jacob hit the jackpot. Not only are they doing gangbusters sales at retail, but they get the best retail customer they could imagine: a box store. Based on retail trends, they create a multipack that holds multiple flavours and becomes their bestseller. For the box store, they create a shipping tray that can hold their smaller packages and creates a stackable display on the warehouse floor. As their pallet of trays would ship right to the warehouse and convert easily into a stackable display on the floor, they wanted a bigger presence for their branding to stand out in the wholesale retail aisles. They also created a corrugated pallet wrap to allow for bold, attention-grabbing graphics.

Need packaging support on your entrepreneurial journey?   

Like we said, Alana and Jacob’s story is technically fictional… but believe us, we’ve seen the same scenarios play out more times than we can count. When your product is good, your brand is savvy, and your labels and packaging supports all of it—success is within your reach. We hope that this series has helped educate and inspire you, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be!

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help! If you have questions or ideas, we welcome you to contact us. Any time we can become part of entrepreneurial success, we’re so honoured. Could we be part of yours?


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