Internal Packaging Design Competition: Craft Beer Edition

July 6, 2018

Here at GLBC we pride ourselves on our talented team. There is no way that we would be as successful as we are today without them. Because these individuals are full of extraordinary talent, we want to show them off!


GLBC recently held an internal packaging and design competition for craft beer. Individuals from our Innovative Solutions Structural Team had three months to create a packaging design they felt was innovative, unique, and entirely new to the market.


For those customers looking for fresh ideas or innovative ways to stand out in the world of craft beer, each design is available to help show off you brand and stand out on the shelf.



Our top three placers come from extremely different backgrounds and, consequently, they created three distinctly unique package designs.



Our first-place winner created a beautiful minimalistic package to hold and display bottled beer that puts the beer itself on display. More than just a structural design, the designer created four different labels for each bottle of beer. The designer hit the mark by finding thevoid in craft beer labels—hint: it’s simpler than you think! The designer came to GLBC after attending a packaging production programin Ontario and has been with us for three years.



Our second-place winner comes to us all the way from the Philippines. The designer created a package with the product’s design in mind. The package beautifully displays the tall cans, while remaining fully functional for carrying. With a background in engineering and a love for drafting, the designer was determined to work for GLBC. He even went as far as enrolling in a program to align their engineering knowledge with structural design. The rest, as they say, is history! This designer has been with GLBC’s design department for 11 years.



Our third-place design would be well-suited for a craft beer library. Perfect for holiday gifting and easy to carry, this beauty holds bombers and is unlike any beer package we’ve ever encountered. The designer created the graphics used on the package and each of the four labels used on the bombers to boot. The designer has a background in industrial design from Emily Carr and has been with the GLBC team for 10 years.


We’re more than just boxes and proud of it! GLBC is comprised of amazing individuals who have extremely creative minds and continue to surprise and delight us every day. The purpose of this competition is to showcase their talents and celebrate their ingenuity.

Stay tuned for the feature on our second internal packaging design competition on advent calendars! Yes, it’s currently summer, but winter is coming!